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Why Malayali parents consider or prefer Canada for higher education?

Malayali parents are considered as very practical people who always demand the best. Out of all foreign countries which people prefer for higher education, few factors make Canada very special for them.


1. Affordability


When we compare education in Canada with other nations, it is evident that the studies are more affordable. The Canadian government is giving huge subsidies to the education sector which is beneficial to the student community. In certain provinces where the population is less, a student can do a diploma course, Bachelor’s degree or Postgraduate specializations in universities with 6 /7 lakhs Indian rupees per annum which is very pocket-friendly for the ones who are seeking a foreign degree. Even a lower-middle-class family can think about sending their ward to study in Canada due to these affordable fee structure with some help from banks and sponsors.


2. Return on Investment


Another major attraction of studying in Canada is the return on investment, that is the Government is promoting education in Canada by offering a 3-year open work permit for a two-year student visa. The right to work along with studies helps students to cover their daily expenditures. Unlike other countries, in Canada students can work full three months of their summer vacation. Once they finish their studies they have the facility of an open work permit for three years or till they get placements in a relevant field. They have the right to do any job and thereby recover the expense that occurred during their studies. This helps to repay the loan as most of the students take loans to pursue higher studies.


3.Quality of Education


Canada is ranked as the third-best in terms of the quality of education it offered. Keralites being the most literate community who give utmost importance to the quality of education, Canada is their obvious right choice. Universities in Canada offer world-class facilities and relevant curriculums, helping students secure good placements globally.


4. High Employment Prospects


In today’s competitive world, one of the major obstacles a fresh graduate face is to get a job in the relevant field. Canada offers good job opportunities and high quality of life as well.


5.Permanent Residency Prospects


As we all know, Canada has less population and the majority of the population is octogenarians, Canada is in need of a young workforce in order to sustain its economy. So the majority of the students who do higher studies in Canada get an opportunity to work and acquire permanent residency. One is entitled to all the privileges of that country once you get PR


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