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Prospects of Engineering/ Nursing/ Hospitality/ Social Work courses in Canada




Opportunities for Engineers

Canada is a very popular destination among students pursuing Engineering courses due to the excellent job prospects the courses offer. It’s favourable to the engineers that Canada has a strong industrial economy. Mining is one of the major industries in Canada. It’s interesting to note that the mining industry alone can sustain almost all categories of engineers. The manufacturing industry is yet another sector in Canada where engineers are in high demand. Apart from basic engineering branches, there are other disciplines that are in high demand, viz. Aerospace, Biomedical, Environmental, Oil and Gas, Robotics, Computers, Automobile etc. Yes, this makes Canada an Engineer’s Paradise when it comes to placements.

Unlike engineering courses in Kerala, the course curriculum is industry-centric with compulsory internships. Even though almost all engineering branches offer career opportunities, one engineering branch that can be suggested is Sustainable Engineering, a branch that is very futuristic and yet to gain its deserving popularity in India. In a nutshell, opportunities are great in Canada for Engineering programmes and Diplomas.

Opportunities for Nurses

Nursing is considered a highly dignified profession outside India. A registered nurse in western countries is highly paid & respected for her/his profession. It’s worth to note that nursing is a much sought after course in Canada. Seats for nursing courses in Canada are very less and most of the seats are filled very well in advance. Point 7 score in IELTS is a requirement to study nursing in Canada, which is not that difficult for our well-educated students. Demand is high and seats are less as the Nursing is also popular among natives looking for a good career option.

Opportunities for unconventional courses

Till a few years back Malayali parents were only keen on conventional courses with job opportunities but now that scenario is slowly changing. Thanks to the internet and a growing willingness among our parents to accept new career streams, they are becoming more & more understanding, supporting and sympathetic to their children’s ambitions. Kids are also well informed and have a clear idea of what they want to study. Creative courses are in high demand in western countries and these days a student has plenty of choices, even on subjects they have particular interests.

Opportunities for hospitality courses

Hospitality is another sought after course in terms of the career prospects it offers as Canada is a tourist destination brimming with tourist activities. This is one reason why hospitality is a very popular course among students from India. Both long and short term courses are available in this stream. One good thing about studying these courses is that students can start earning while doing internships. Career opportunities are very high as the industry is continuously in need of highly energetic, young, dynamic people.

Opportunities for Social Work courses

Social work courses carry very high demand in a country like Canada. Canada, being a country that offers awesome social security to its citizens, social workers have excellent employment opportunities both in the non-governmental and governmental sectors. Government’s initiatives for the welfare of its citizens can only be fruitful with capable professionals. A student with a positive attitude and a mind to do service to their fellow human beings can join this course.

Canada offers lots of specialisations under this stream. A student after his higher secondary course can take admission for diploma courses. Good placement with high pay is generally assured in this sector.

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