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USA is better known for its diversity. The U.S. is a ‘Little World” with nearly every world’s culture & Community, climate, landscape and category of wildlife

USA has an unrivalled position as number one destination for students seeking quality overseas education. Yearly thousand of international students choose to study in USA because of its world class educational structure. USA is home to world’s top universities both public and private. Students aspiring to study in the US can choose from a wide range of subjects from over 3600 colleges, universities and institutes. The sheer number of Courses in U.S.A which covers over 900 fields of study in undergraduate, graduate or professional education itself gives students options to pick a program of his /her liking whether it is a large public research universities or smaller liberal arts colleges.

Since the programs are generally credit-based (which means that to become a graduate one has to finish the requisite number of credits, not years

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 Quality education in almost all the areas of study is the hall mark of higher education in U.S.A However, there are some courses in USA which are quite popular with international students they are

Business and Management Studies

 Business and Management studies remains the most sought after course by international students in the U. S. These programs are highly rated for its rich curriculum, methodology of teaching, coupled with case studies that develop entrepreneurial skills in the students and turn them in to efficient managers of tomorrow. Apart from classroom teaching industry exposure in forms of and training and internships are also important part of these programs a MBA program in U.S. would take your career to an altogether new level.

Information Technology

This includes courses such as Bachelors of Information Technology, Bachelors of Computer Science and Technology, Bachelors of Engineering (Computers) etc this field has great potential owing to   ever increasing use of computer based technology.USA being home to some of the world computer and software giant’s job prospects are very high.


The U.S is a hot destination for students seeking quality engineering programs with exciting specialization The job opportunities in the field are aplenty, thus making it programs high in demand.

Apart from these, courses like Hospitality MIS: Management Information Systems Energy Management, Developmental Economics, Organizational Behavior, and Film Technology are the various options available.

Work permits & Stay back

 Part-time work rights:  20 hours per week on campus (40 hours/week during vacation).  After 1 year students can work off campus subject to approval from DSO and authorization from US-CIS.

Stay Back:  12 months Optional Practical training (OPT); 17 months extension for STEM Majors.

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       What salary can I expect in the US?


  • On an Average a fresher can get around 50 – 100k Salary after Graduation from US   University


  • MS Degree holders are given preference in TOP US companies.


  • Compared to Salaries in India, US graduate’s salaries are almost 10 times higher.


  • 60% of workers in USA are retiring by 2020. US needs lot of work force by that time

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Earn while studying and after…!

 Overseas education does not come cheap by any stretch, with large investment already made on funding your education; it would be taxing on your parents back home to send pocket money or assist you financially. So the most effective way to finance your studies abroad would be to work part time.

Finding a part-time job while studying abroad can be a great opportunity to earn money, network with prospective employers, adaptability to the industrial needs and easy employment prospects.  Although international students can meet their living expenses to an extent with the part-time work, the main focus should be on successfully completing the study and moving on to full-time gainful employment post study.


Many countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK provide students with part-time work rights during their study for up to 20 hours per week during sessions and 40 hours per week during vacations.  While Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., provide stay back options with full work rights for students to explore the job opportunities and permanent residency prospects after studies, students studying in the UK have options to move on to a Tier II category (Work Permit) after obtaining a job offer with a salary of 20,600GBP or more, post study.


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What would be an ideal job for me?

 Though this can differ from student to student   there are certain things one should keep in mind while taking up such jobs


  • Whether  it can be  carried out  without  missing  regular classes ,  as attending class should be your priority and working comes only second


  • Whether it will help you improve language skills which is very important if you intend to work there post study as language barriers can come in your way of getting a nice job


  • Whether it will help you to network and help you gel with the local population which is important if you are looking for a long stay in that country


  • Offer some hands on experience as these experience will definitely be taken into account  when you apply for employment post study

The part-time and post study stay back options are only offered to students provided they meet the eligibility prerequisites and the conditions for part-time and stay back are subject to changes from time to time.

For more information on part and post study stay back options please call us on 0484-4140999

For more information on part time  and post study stay back options please call us on 0484-4140999




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Despite the current world wide economic slump economists are still optimistic about (BRICS) countries especially India emerging as a world super power in the coming century. Gone are the days when a country’s status was fully based on its strategic location, natural resources, economic and military power.  Human resources with high qualifications and skills on par with International standards are now the bench mark in determining whether a country is a real power or not.

Under these circumstances, education, especially foreign education has gained great prominence. As against the earlier convictions of our older generation which prided in providing wealth to their offspring, today’s parents consider  giving the best education for their children  towards ensuring a  prosperous and successful life  for them, which has led to the steady increase  in the number of parents exploring overseas  study options  for their  children. They are willing to spend lakhs   without even considering their financial restrictions as they firmly believe education thus gained would be one’s permanent and most important possession which would open up new vistas towards career growth and prosperity. They also feel that this would open up avenues for their children to settle in an affluent country and build a successful life for themselves

Gone are the days when education was just considered as a means to make one wise. The world has become a global market thanks to the growth of information technology and the globalization of economies which has led to nations competing with each other to become predominant players. Internationally acclaimed study programs coupled with innovative teaching methodologies have appealed  to many a Indians to look for overseas studies as the first option as the present generation with  high expectations from life   does not find much hope in Indian Universities and colleges  which are yet to achieve quality standards on par with international standards Their  outdated syllabuses and traditional courses  are  no match   to the futuristic courses offered abroad  Even the handful of prestigious Institutions in the country  unfortunately remain out of bound to even above average students owing to strict entrance exams  and reservation criteria’s.

It is a sad fact that a country  like India  that used to offer  quality education  to the world  in the  ancient times through its world famous universities  Nalanda and Takshila  is  at the bottom of ranking with regard to institutions  of  repute are concerned . It is but unfortunate, that an aspiring student has to depend on overseas avenues in his search for quality education, unless India raises its educational systems on par with International standards.   Till such time   the best option before Indian students and parents would be to choose  the best course in a country which they believe would offer the very best of education and post study  offer them great job opportunities  both abroad and back in their country.

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Are you a Nurse with a minimum of 1-2 years of experience to your credit?  If the answer is yes a promising, highly paid career awaits you as there are ample opportunities for registered nurses abroad especially in countries like, USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand etc it is a sad fact that many nurses in our country who have loads of years of experience work for long hours for trivial amounts at a time when many developed countries are facing huge shortfall of nurses and are resorting to different steps to solve this shortage. Though these situations offer great opportunities for Indian nurses especially form kerala who are most sought after the world over for their exceptional skills, commitment and hardworking nature However for any Indian nurse who wishes to work as a registered nurse in a foreign country must be registered with the respective Nursing Registration Councils of the destination country after completing the prescribed bridging/adaptation program of respective country. The Adaptation programs of short duration combines theoretical knowledge with clinical placements to educate the nurses regarding the nursing practices in these countries and to familiarize the nurses with the disease conditions, health norms and policies and also to understand and enhance their language skills.



Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in UK conducts Overseas Nursing Program (ONP) which is a bridging program for Indian nurses to become RN in the UK.  The Computer-based eligibility test has to be successfully completed in order to pursue the clinical component in UK.

New Zealand     

Upon completion of the Competency Assessment Program (CAP) prescribed by the New Zealand Nursing Council (NZNC), the person may work as a registered nurse in New Zealand.


The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) provides registration for International Nurses upon completion of the Initial Registration for International Nurses – Registered Nurses (IRON – RN) program to obtain the AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) registration to work as a registered nurse in Australia.


Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland or An Bord Altranais Nursing Board is the authority for registration of nurses, after undergoing the prescribed adaptation program in Ireland.

Canada and US     

Indian nurses should clear the Licensure examinations like the CRNE/CPNRE & NCLEX RN respectively prior to working as registered nurses or registered nurse practitioners.

To work as a registered nurse in all these countries, Indian nurses who have registered with local nursing council have to meet the pre-requisites of language skills as required by the respective Nursing Councils, combined with academic excellence and work experience ranging from 1-2 years and above to be eligible for registration.

For  more information about starting your career abroad as a registered nurse give us a call on 0484 – 4140999



Nurses today are highly revered and valued members of the health care system who work in close collaboration with physicians and members of healthcare fraternity in promoting wellness. Health care in general and Nursing in particular, fall among the top 10 occupations that has the largest career growth potential in the years to come .

There are excellent career opportunities for Indian nurses who hold BSc/Diploma with permanent and temporary work available abroad, especially in the western countries.  Nurses figure among the long term shortage skill list in many of the developed countries such as Canada, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc.  Demand for nurses will continue to increase dramatically within the next few years.

There are many fast track and cost effective options available for nurses who wish to pursue their career abroad.

Indian nurses holding Diploma (GNM) can opt for the Australian BN program or the Integrated Masters (BSc + MSc) program in UK to work as registered nurses in Australia and UK respectively.

For most of the nursing programs, the spouse can accompany the student with full time work rights and earn enough to cover the living expenses also the return of investment.




  • Masters in Nursing with Overseas Nursing program incorporated and 6 months Internship


 Masters in Nursing

  • Masters in Gerontology & Rehabilitation Studies
  • Masters in Dementia Care
  • 2 years Bachelor in Nursing for Diploma Nurses


 1.5 to 2 years Bachelors in Nursing for Diploma Nurses

  • Graduate Diploma in Nursing leading to comprehensive registration
  • Graduate Diploma in Infection Prevention and Addiction studies
  • PG Diploma in Health Science
  • PG Diploma in Management majoring in Health


  • PG Diploma in Critical Care Nursing
  • PG Diploma in Gerontology
  • PG Diploma in Health Care Management
  • Advanced Nursing care in Canadian Context
  • Autism & Behavioral Science
  • Concurrent Disorders
  • Addiction Studies
  • Palliative Care
  • Health Care Leadership and Management
  • Personal Support Worker, Developmental Services Worker
  • Social Service Worker, Recreation Therapy, Massage Therapy


  • Masters in Nursing

 Alternative career options for Healthcare professionals

 There is an array of programs which suits the needs of other health care professionals such as Lab technicians, physiotherapists, dentists, pharmacists, etc. provided by various institutions from across the globe and accordingly health care professionals, including Indian Nurses have various job opportunities as Caregivers, Early Childhood Careers, Recreation Therapists and Critical Care Nurses.

Ambitious nurses who wish to further their education goals in a foreign country can also opt for the Masters in Nursing program or can choose from a varied range of specializations such as Infection Prevention & Control, Concurrent Disorders, Recreation Therapy, Therapeutic Recreation, Addiction Studies, Autism and Behavioral Studies, Early Childhood care, gerontological nursing, Palliative Care, critical Care nursing, Applied health management programs etc.  These specializations give an extra edge while working as registered nurses in these countries and also earn good pay packages.  Masters of Nursing in UK which incorporates the ONP component in these programs and nurses can improve their language skills while undertaking these courses and proceed on towards gaining their registrations after having met the pre-requisites of the Nursing Councils.

For more information on nursing and other health care studies abroad please contact on 0484-4140999




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Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and it is benevolent in various areas such as quality of life, health, education, economic freedom etc.  The superabundance economic growth has resulted in the requirement for qualified workers. Australia is regarded as one of the most attractive immigration destinations for skilled workers and families across the globe.

In addition to a highly competitive workforce, the country is rich in mineral resources and world class in areas such as agriculture, wine making & technological research. Australia has always ranked within the top ten of the United Nation’s Human Development Index.


Australia’s Migration Programme for 2014-15 has 190,000 places of which 128,550 places are reserved for skilled migrants and that’s really great news for the aspirant migrants! Engineers of different stream, Accountants, Social Workers, HR Professionals, Health Care Professionals, etc., are in high demand in Australia. In fact, thanks to an inveterate skill shortage in Australia, those with skills in computing, accountancy and engineering have become the country’s fastest-growing group of migrants.

People who are looking to migrate to Australia will be assessed on a point based system mainly based on your age, work experience, qualifications and language proficiency. One of the basic requirements of Skilled Migration is to choose an occupation from the list determined by the Australian government that best matches either your work experience and/ qualifications. This list is called the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). Although extensive, it does not include every possible occupation, only those which are currently sought-after in Australia.

There are a variety of skilled migration options. Some of them are:

Skilled Independent Subclass 189: Subclass 189 guarantees you Permanent Resident Visa and under this subclass, you can work anywhere in Australia.

Skilled Nominated Subclass 190:  Subclass 190 guarantees you Permanent Resident Visa under a particular State nomination. You may need to work in that particular State initially.

Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Provisional Subclass 489: This is a 4-year provisional visa which allows holders to live only in certain areas of Australia. You would need to be sponsored by an Australian relative living in a designated area, or by a state or territory government.

The Australian 457 Visa (Temporary Business Long Stay) is a temporary work visa that allows employers to sponsor overseas workers to fill nominated skilled positions.  A 457 Visa is valid for up to four (4) years and work experience gained in Australia on this visa may lead to Permanent Residence either through sponsorship by an eligible employer or the skilled migration program.

For more details:

Once the applicant meets all eligibility factors, they can proceed on to apply for permanent residency status.  It is always advisable to use a reliable consultant who would help them through the entire process.  Santa Monica is associated with the MARA agent (Migration Agents Registration Authority) who is legally authorized to assist you in Australian migration and can help you partially in relocation.

 Santa Monica has a dedicated Australia Migration department with an  Immigration Attorney who can prepare your Australian immigration application, and help in other ways to maximize your likelihood of success in obtaining an Australian visa. For more info contact 0484-4140999


Migrate to Canada with family

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 Every year thousands of Indians migrate to their dream country to seek a better life and brighter career prospects.  Immigration allows one to live, work or establish a business and settle down in an advanced country and subsequently sponsor their family for permanent residence in that country (in many countries dependents are allowed to accompany the applicant without a waiting period). Canada  always figures on top of the  as  one of the  most favored country to Migrate  as  they take care of immigrants with much attention by way of free health care, children’s education and pension schemes subject to completion of certain waiting period. 


Canada Migration application is processed on Point Basis with a minimum requirement of 67 points (under Federal Skilled Worker category), and 65 points for Australia (under Skilled Independent visa category) to be eligible for migration. The points are based on the strength of work experience, education, age, employment offer, adaptability (like previous work experience or study in that country, previous or having a family relation there aged over 18), applicant/spouse’s English language skills and settlement fund availability, etc. To meet the recent work experience requirement, you must have been employed in an occupation on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) for at least 12 of the 24 months before applying. You will need to show certain levels of funds to go under the skilled worker category.

In the current scenario, Canada has been the most favored destination of Indians who cherish to work and settle abroad. Canada offers 2 options namely direct Permanent Residency for Skilled Workers and Skilled Trades persons and through Canadian Experience Class through Study, Work and thus seeking permanent Residency.

Canada-Express-Entry-6         0

Government of Canada provides Permanent Residence under Federal Skilled worker Program (FSWP) and under Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

FSW Program is meant for highly skilled professionals such as Managers, Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Professors, Nurses etc., whereas,   FST Program is meant for Workers skilled in Trades like, Carpenters, Welders, Fitters Smiths, Butchers, Cooks, Bakers, etc;.

All immigration applicants and their spouses are awarded points on various factors such as proficiency in English and French languages, Educational Qualifications recognized by Canada, Age, Number of years of Experience, and Adaptability. Additionally all applicants will have to show that they have sufficient Funds for settling in Canada

As of January 2015, Government of Canada has introduced a new system called Express Entry (EE) to process immigration applications. Express Entry system, will remain open until further notice and there is no deadline date fixed for submission of applications; nor is there any cap. Any number of persons in all categories of skill coming under 0, A and B level jobs in National Occupation Classification is eligible to apply. Through Express Entry, people who meet the criteria for one of these programs will be placed into a pool of candidates. Candidates with the highest scores in the pool will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA).  This new system is expected to prevent the growth of backlogs by ensuring that only the candidates who are most likely to succeed—not simply the first to submit their application—are able to apply to immigrate to Canada. According to the notification by Government of Canada processing of completed applications is expected to be finalized in six months or less.

For more details of  Migration to Canada  contact migration wing  of  Santa Monica study abroad on  the following number  0484- 4140999


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Whatever be your plan of going abroad be it for studies, work or permanent residency, English Language proficiency tests are a must. With regard to overseas studies most institutions insist on evidence of English language proficiency, students have to appear for the Language proficiency tests such as PTE, IELTS, etc. English Language proficiency scores are essential both for admissions as well as while applying for visa. The tests consist of 2 categories – Academic and General.  The scores required vary according to the program, institution and country. Students should undertake adequate research or seek the advice of the concerned authorities to know these requirements which would help them to aim for the scores required by the institution of their choice. Candidate may retake these tests if they are unsatisfied with the score by paying the applicable fees for the tests.



 The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic test is widely accepted for study abroad as well as by Australian and New Zealand immigration departments.  PTE’s exam fee is INR 10,900. The exam can be scheduled for any working day at extremely short notice – online 48 hours in advance, the results are declared very quickly – within 5 working days. The certificate is valid for two years. Trial training material is provided in the web site to familiarize the student undertaking the test.  Additionally one can practice online by paying nominal amount. Pearson’s web site also provides tips and techniques to the students to avoid any glitches while taking the test.

Santa Monica is the authorized and dedicated Pearson Test Center in Kerala.



The traditional International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is jointly owned by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment with more than 900 test centers and locations in over 130 countries. IELTS Academic is recommended for candidates who plan to undertake academic study in English language and also is accepted for migration.  As of now, exams can be only scheduled on a particular day of test announced by the British Council, held in almost all major towns of Kerala.  Results are usually posted in 13 to 15 days. The exam fee is INR 10,400 and certificate is valid for two years.  As a Gold Member of British Council, Santa Monica assists candidates to register to appear for IELTS test anywhere in India.

Free IELTS /PTE training are offered to students registered for overseas studies through Santa Monica study abroad. These free IEL TS /PTE trainings are offered through our associated coaching centers in different parts of Kerala and India equipped with state of the facility with language labs and libraries. Classes are handled by highly trained professionals with years of industry experiences. The coaching provided is of holistic nature based on updated coaching curriculum.  Periodic mock test, extensive teaching sessions with ample number of tests simulating the testing conditions are done at regular intervals.

For more information on free IELTS/PTE training contact Santa Monica on 0484-4140999.

*Score requirements and exam fees of proficiency tests are subject to changes from time to time

Why study at Singapore Institute of Management( SIM ) ?

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If you are a student looking for quality study abroad options, Singapore would definitely be on top of your agenda, Singapore by virtue of being close to India and having similar culture that of India makes it more appealing to Indian students looking for quality overseas education. Established in 1964 SIM Global education,Singapore  collaborates with some of the finest universities across the globe from countries like Australia, UK, Switzerland and the U.S to offer unique programs taught by highly qualified international faculty,  mixing Asian practices with international perspectives for a truly global outlook that turn one in to a Global professional. Have a look at few reasons why you should study at SIM Global education Singapore.


  • Reputed partnership with world class universities and top notch faculty

With over 50 year old heritage , over 132,000 strong alumni , student’s enrolment of over 36,000 and over 2, 0000 strong top notch faculties,  SIM GE collaborates with finest universities across the Globe from Australia, Switzerland the UK and the U.S.  Collaborating universities are RMIT University Australia, University of Wollongong IMI International Management Institute Switzerland. The University of Sheffield UK, The university of Warwick, University of Birmingham, University of London, University of Southampton ,University of Stirling  and  United States University at Buffalo.

Extensive   Study options

 SIM  offers over 70 top quality  full time and part time courses  In Singapore  through more than 10 partner universities  ranging  from masters ,bachelors, Graduate diploma and diploma levels in areas such as applied sciences, arts  business, Communication, finance, Information technology, hospitality, Management, Nursing ,Social sciences and more.

Vibrant student life

Studying in Singapore at SIM Global is   equally exciting outside the class room with students from over 40 countries offering diverse ideas and experiences.  With over  70 student clubs   SIM is abuzz  with student activities including extracurricular activities, culture fests ,competitions which gives ample opportunity for one  to develop their  latent talents and  leadership skills.

Technology enabled State of the art infrastructure

SIMs student centric campus is equipped with latest technology and facilities to enhance student learning experience   with latest technology high speed wireless internet access, offering immense wealth of information and online services are at your disposal 24/7.

Experience the rich blend of culture

With  students from  over  40 countries from across the globe SIM  has an exciting mix of cultural diversities  which facilitates an excellent platform for cultural exchange and knowledge sharing  thereby helping in creating next generation of global leaders who  understand  the Global mindset.

Exciting scholarships on offer

SIM awards up to 35 student scholarships to outstanding international students, the criteria for selection is purely academic excellence, outstanding feats in sports and artistic sphere is also duly awarded these student scholarships


  • Internships and career services

SIM Global education offer immense opportunities to gain work exposure of global nature through professional internships in Singapore that help one to enhance your skill sets and fine tune for the challenging career ahead.  SIMs Career services helps one to have a smooth transition from academic life to a career life by helping you identify your core strengths and help you choose an appropriate profession by offering Career coaching ,   workshops   net working events   Job fairs, company visits and global student exchange programs.

Medical insurance cover for all international students

SIM has in place a group medical insurance scheme for all its students with a minimum annual coverage of S$20,000 per students for treatment in government and restructured hospitals and provides for 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas In case the student is involved in SIM PL related activities abroad.

SIM Education Singapore   offers supports with regards to financial assistance schemes, counseling services that ensure students overall well being and a holistic education if you are looking for world class education at affordable cost SIM Global education is the answer.  For more information  to  study abroad in Singapore’s  SIM Education  Contact  Santa Monica study abroad on  0484-4140999.




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 The Admission and Visa procedures vary based on the entry criteria laid down by the Institution/country. Applications can be differentiated into 2 types – paper-based and online applications.  In general certified copies of following documents are called for.


  • Academic records right from Class 10th to the last completed study including mark sheets and certificates
  • Transcripts
  • English language test scores (IELTS/PTE/TOEFL, etc.)
  • Registration Certificates (Nurses and other professionals)
  • Academic references
  • Employment references
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Statement of Explanation (SOE)
  • Updated CV along with the applications.
  • Passport

student visa

Once the student obtains the offer letter from the university /institution, they proceed to make the tuition fee payments directly to them via wire transfer/credit card, etc. as per the requirements of the institution.  Upon payment of fees, the students then proceed on to lodge their visa application. For certain countries like New Zealand and Singapore, the students can pay their tuition fees once their visa has been approved.  The visa applications are available in the immigration websites of each country along the checklist of documents that have to be submitted. The document requirements may vary case by case and hence it is imperative that students seek the assistance of an experienced consultant who can advise them accordingly.

Nonrefundable Visa fees are also applicable while submitting the visa application, which varies from country to country and the information is available on the respective immigration websites of each country.  If the student wishes to resubmit his/her visa application, appropriate nonrefundable visa fees are still applicable irrespective of the outcome of the application.

Immigration officials in some countries also conduct interviews to ensure that the student has genuine intention of studying.

It is imperative to lodge correct and complete documents along with the visa application along with proper guidance to face interviews.  It would always be desirable to seek the services of an expert consultant for guidance on lodging and obtaining visa correctly and timely as visa rejections may sometimes lead to adverse consequences and may bar the student from proceeding abroad.  It is always advisable to seek the expert guidance from education consultants like Santa Monica to be guided through the process properly for the applications to be processed timely and accurately to avoid visa rejections or missing out on relevant documentation.


 In addition to all documents submitted during offer mentioned herewith

 Visa application form/Questionnaire Form

  • Provider’s offer letter
  • Police clearance Certificates
  • Medical fitness certificates
  • Financial documents to prove availability of funds to support the study and living expenses such as bank statements, loan letters from the bank,
  • Proof of transfer of funds to the prescribed banks by the Immigration for countries such as New Zealand, Canada, Germany, etc.,
  • In case of sponsor, Affidavit of financial support,

Admission/ Visa tips and techniques:

Interviews have become an integral part of admission and visa procedures.  Various institutions and immigration authorities interview the candidates to gauge their intention, their motivation, their language proficiency, etc. for studying abroad.  It is always advisable to seek the guidance of experts in tackling the tight spots in your interview sessions which include mannerisms, tips and tricks in effectively facing your interviewer.  The team at Santa Monica is equipped to guide the students through this process smoothly and ensure the students are prepared to counter the interview sessions.

For more info on admissions to top universities/colleges of the world contact Santa Monica study abroad Pvt.  Ltd   at 0484-4140999