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The Uk is a truly unique place on the planet, with a vibrant multicultural atmosphere.It is home to some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, with spacious campuses, excellent infrastructure, and quality of teaching that prepare you for a successful career ahead.
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Positive changes in students that come with overseas education

Overseas education- studying with students from across the globe in a foreign country, is an unparalleled experience. It’s venturing into the unknown-the thrill, the culture, the campus, the student life, everything is new to a student who has just enrolled in the program. His new way of life and his experiences will influence him and will affect him profoundly, he will assimilate the best his international exposure has to offer and begin to look at life and himself with a new viewpoint and eyes.

Let’s look into some of the important positive changes that happen to him and his way of life due to his foreign education and exposure.

Unmatched Confidence

To live independently in a foreign country is not a small thing by any measure. He is his own boss and he decides what is good and bad for him. The confidence that develops in him when he mingles with students from far away countries and listen to teachers with international exposure is something truly special. His personality starts to exude that confidence. He has changed for the rest of his life.

Character Development

Next is his character development. His exposure to new cultures, people and possibilities leave a deep impact on the way he thinks, his attitude and tastes. He becomes more matured and refined. As he faces his day to day challenges alone by himself, he knows how to tackle his daily hurdles and troubles. He is more responsible and professional now as his part-time job demands that. He is doing jobs that he may not even think about doing in his home country. That grounds him. It makes him into a global citizen.

Finance & Money Management

Home is where he is pampered. He is less responsible there as he knows his parents or relatives will take care of him. But in this foreign land, he has to be careful enough to save money. He should learn how to spend wisely and take care of his finances. This makes him realize the importance of knowing one’s self and thus he becomes more humble and grounded. He starts to respect people and other ways of life that are different from one that he is used to.

Respect for Fellow Human Beings

He ultimately understands that the world is a big stage and everybody has their own ways of existence and living. He learns to collaborate and tolerate and finds that the only way to address his concerns is by carrying out rational dialogues and not by creating a ruckus. He values the system and respects its underlying mechanisms.

Cross-Cultural Skills

Interacting with different individuals with different cultural backgrounds teaches him to broaden his horizons. He is more understanding now and has better cross-cultural understanding & skills. This later even helps him to jump-start an international career by positively enhancing his employability.

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Study in UK @ London south bank University-One of the largest and oldest Universities in the UK


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Looking to Study in the UK ? London  South Bank university comes as a natural choice  as it  is one of London’s largest and oldest universities offering vocationally-relevant, accredited and professionally recognized education since 1892 with over 18,000 students drawn from over 130 countries. The university is located close to some of London’s most famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace, among others. So what make London South Bank University figure on top of many an international student’s  study abroad  wish list? Here are the answers.


  • Teaching and learning excellence

 London South Bank University has received the highest possible rating for the quality of education its academic staffs delivers and the impressive range of professional expertise they offer. The universities innovative curriculum is extremely industry centric and ensures that on passing out the individual is job ready.

  • Real-world courses

Teaching at LSBU is highly practice oriented and many courses offer work experience opportunities. With strong employer links and numerous partnerships, all courses at London South Bank University are professionally accredited or developed in partnership with relevant professional bodies.

  • Scholarships and fee discounts

London South Bank university  offer a wide range of scholarships and discounts for international students including Nationality Scholarships, fee-discounts etc, the University has committed over £1m in financial support to help well-qualified students from outside the EU  to meet their study costs.

  • First-class facilities

Whatever be the choice of course LSBU has the facilities to fully support it be it the  state of the art skills laboratories, workshops, media centre, theatre, library or Learning Resources Centre all  appropriate technologies and expert support are available  to complete your study experience.

  • Workplace experience

Practical session at LSBU  is specially designed to create scenarios students find in the workplace. Health students  for example get to use sophisticated skills laboratories, with life-like hospital wards, simulated patients and a radiography-testing suite with the latest 3-D imaging.

  • Building career success and entrepreneurial talent

London South Bank University’s dedicated Careers Service helps students find work placements and jobs with top blue chip companies, public companies and voluntary organizations. The career cell at London South Bank University help students find suitable full-time and part-time work  experience, placements and temporary and vocational work  supported by experienced and dedicated advisers and placement officers.

  • Future careers

London South Bank University graduates have found success in all kinds of industries, from arts and media to nursing, law, finance, and engineering. The courses are based on what the Industry wants The Times University Guide 2016 shows that LSBU are the No. 1 London Modern University for graduate starting salaries, and that they are Top 10 London University for graduate prospects. To find out more about programs at LSBU please Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd authorized representative of LSBU on 0484-4140999 or walk in to your nearest Santa Monica branch.

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8 reasons to choose UK for your overseas studies


The very mention of United Kingdom evoke images of castles, cathedrals, palaces and all the pomp and grandeur associated with it. United Kingdom is deep rooted in history and tradition which continues to mesmerize with its age old charm even in this age of modernity.  United kingdom is not all history and tradition, it is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious universities of the world like Oxford,Cambridge, St Andrews, Edinburgh, to mention a few. Though there is no match to the antiquity of these institutions, there are over 3,000 universities offering programs ranging from liberal arts to engineering, IT, management, applied sciences to international students.

Every year thousands of International students choose UK as their overseas study destination, when options are quite a plenty, let us explore why.

  •  Matchless reputation of UK institutions

UK institutions enjoys stellar reputation for academic excellence and regularly rank high in higher education rankings, whether be it The Times’ Higher Education Rankings or the QS World Rankings. Higher the ranking of your institution greater will be acceptability worldwide.

  • Internationally recognized Courses & Qualifications

Owing to the stringent quality parameters, courses and the qualifications offered by UK institutions are rated highly by employers around the world. A pass out from a top UK university /institution gets excellent employment avenues with handsome remuneration and opportunity for career growth.

  • Economical destination when compared to   US and Australia

The UK is the most economical study destination when compared to USA and Australia   whether it is in terms of tuition fees and living costs. Even the financial proof requirement for a UK visa is well below what one will have to furnish for US or Australia.

  • Excellent choices of institutions

Studying in the United Kingdom gives you a myriad of options.  As far as institutions are concerned right from the big names from Oxford, Edinburgh to Cambridge. There are hundreds of reputed institutions that cater the best of programs in diverse streams which fits interest , aptitude and budget of the students.

  •  Part time work opportunities

UK student visa allows an international student to work 20 hours per week, which offers one, ample opportune to earn a tidy amount as pocket money to manage day to day expense  or for  paying up ones tuition fees and other study related expenses  the amount earned  doing odd jobs may not be that huge it  may not be that trivial  either, considering that UK has a minimum wage legislation.

  • Presence of large international Student Population

The UK has a large number of   international student populations, which is increasing every year. International students make up a significant percentage what better opportunity to experience diverse culture, manners, traditions etc. The presence of large number of Indian students offer familiar and homely environment which to a large extend would make you feel at home away from home.

  • Zero language barriers

Though you are moving  to a totally new destination with different people and culture   unlike other countries one doesn’t have to undergo the pressure to learn a new language, since everybody speaks English, striking a conversation with a local, straightaway would not be a problem at all.  Thought there might be accent and slang difference that is not going to be much of a cause of worry.

  • Get pampered with discounts

As a Student in the UK there will be no dearth of discounts you get it everywhere right from retail stores to cinemas and cafes   provided you carry your student ID card before billing. Each pound saved is a pound earned when you are living on a shoe string budget.

Looking to study abroad in the UK and confused? Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd with over 15 years experience in facilitating overseas admissions in 20+ countries including the UK is here to help you.  Feel free to visit your nearest office of Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd. or reach us on 0484-4140999.