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Choosing the right course – what’s important and what’s not!

A decision to study abroad is an important decision with multiple consequences. This decision alone will change the course of a students career and his life in many ways. Other related factors that have a huge impact on his foreign education are the course that he selects to pursue, the country of his choice and the University/ College he is planning to join in. So a student has to be careful and well informed while making these decisions.

Yet it can be seen that often the parents and students are undecided and confused when it comes to selecting the right course. They are simply unable to focus and decide on a course. Most often this confusion prevails among the plus two completed students. It’s understandable as they are often naive and inexperienced.  But it is quite shocking to see that even our graduate students are dazed and perplexed. Many of these children are quite bright academically and they are good in many subjects. But somehow they seem to be undecided when it comes to what to pursue further.

So, what to be done? How can a student select a course that suits him? How can his parents guide him on one of the most important decisions in his life? Well, there are certain things a student can do as he contemplates his future course of interest

Analyze themselves

Yes, the first thing a student should do is to take a look at himself. He has to be himself, for the course he is going to pursue, is that career that he is going to build. For the rest of his life, he will be doing things that are connected to what he is going to study now. Simply put, he has to do what he really wants to do and study.

Do be driven by fancy ideas. Don’t get carried away because your friends choose one subject or you think one course is cool. Being hip is different from being successful. Your course is not a status-quo you have to maintain or a symbol of prestige. It’s your life. So follow your own path. Follow your potential and passion.

Marks are not everything

You may be good in many subjects. But doing good alone does not make one subject special, you should feel driven by that subject. Often parents will suggest their children pursue a course/subject on which he has good marks. But that’s not always ideal as the student has more potential in another subject as his personality and tastes suit something better. So choose wisely.

Nature of the job after the course

Another thing the student has to contemplate is the nature of the job that he will be following after completing the course. Is he satisfied with the requirements and demands that career brings? Does he know the personal commitment and career involvement that’s required for that career? If the student wants to pursue law as a subject, he has to think about the nature of a lawyer’s job, its professional demands & commitments and so forth. Decide wisely.

Because ultimately a student is going to live the outcome of his course. He has to give serious thoughts about his choices by connecting his ambition, personality, skills and love for the subject before making a decision.

About Ms. Nicy Binu, Director, Santamonica Study Abroad


With over a decade’s experience in international education, Ms Nicy Binu is the brain behind Santamonica’s overseas student program and has steered the organization to a position where it figures today among the prominent overseas education facilitators in India. You may contact her at +91 6282 903 703 for overseas education queries and doubts.


Migrate to Canada with family

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 Every year thousands of Indians migrate to their dream country to seek a better life and brighter career prospects.  Immigration allows one to live, work or establish a business and settle down in an advanced country and subsequently sponsor their family for permanent residence in that country (in many countries dependents are allowed to accompany the applicant without a waiting period). Canada  always figures on top of the  as  one of the  most favored country to Migrate  as  they take care of immigrants with much attention by way of free health care, children’s education and pension schemes subject to completion of certain waiting period. 


Canada Migration application is processed on Point Basis with a minimum requirement of 67 points (under Federal Skilled Worker category), and 65 points for Australia (under Skilled Independent visa category) to be eligible for migration. The points are based on the strength of work experience, education, age, employment offer, adaptability (like previous work experience or study in that country, previous or having a family relation there aged over 18), applicant/spouse’s English language skills and settlement fund availability, etc. To meet the recent work experience requirement, you must have been employed in an occupation on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) for at least 12 of the 24 months before applying. You will need to show certain levels of funds to go under the skilled worker category.

In the current scenario, Canada has been the most favored destination of Indians who cherish to work and settle abroad. Canada offers 2 options namely direct Permanent Residency for Skilled Workers and Skilled Trades persons and through Canadian Experience Class through Study, Work and thus seeking permanent Residency.

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Government of Canada provides Permanent Residence under Federal Skilled worker Program (FSWP) and under Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP).

FSW Program is meant for highly skilled professionals such as Managers, Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, Professors, Nurses etc., whereas,   FST Program is meant for Workers skilled in Trades like, Carpenters, Welders, Fitters Smiths, Butchers, Cooks, Bakers, etc;.

All immigration applicants and their spouses are awarded points on various factors such as proficiency in English and French languages, Educational Qualifications recognized by Canada, Age, Number of years of Experience, and Adaptability. Additionally all applicants will have to show that they have sufficient Funds for settling in Canada

As of January 2015, Government of Canada has introduced a new system called Express Entry (EE) to process immigration applications. Express Entry system, will remain open until further notice and there is no deadline date fixed for submission of applications; nor is there any cap. Any number of persons in all categories of skill coming under 0, A and B level jobs in National Occupation Classification is eligible to apply. Through Express Entry, people who meet the criteria for one of these programs will be placed into a pool of candidates. Candidates with the highest scores in the pool will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA).  This new system is expected to prevent the growth of backlogs by ensuring that only the candidates who are most likely to succeed—not simply the first to submit their application—are able to apply to immigrate to Canada. According to the notification by Government of Canada processing of completed applications is expected to be finalized in six months or less.

For more details of  Migration to Canada  contact migration wing  of  Santa Monica study abroad on  the following number  0484- 4140999

Changes in Canadian Student Visa Regulations

The Citizenship & Immigration Canada has recently announced some changes in the International Student Visa Program for students applying for intake from Jan 2014.


Here are the details of the changes:

• ATTENDANCE: As per the new regulations, the International Students are supposed to register and mark their attendance regularly at the institution to which they are obliged to. Otherwise their status in Canada will be made illegal.

• HANDPICKED INSTITUTIONS: International Students can enroll only to those institutions that are approved by Canadian Government from January 2014 on-wards. This is to safe guard the International Students from the fraud or unrecognized institutions.

• POST STUDY WORK PERMIT (PSWP) PROVISION: Only those foreign students graduating for the approved Canadian Universities & Colleges will be eligible for Post Study Work Permit.

• PSWP ELIGIBILITY: The Full-time students, who had regularly attended a course of minimum EIGHT months which will lead to Certificate, Diploma or Degree, will be eligible for PSWP.

• WORK OFF-CAMPUS WITHOUT PERMIT: All regular foreign students attending a course of minimum EIGHT months at any approved Canadian educational institutions & holding valid study visa/permit will not be required to apply for separate Off-Campus Work Permit, they will be allowed to work 20 Hours per week on their Student Visa itself, which means there will be NO waiting period of SIX months for newly landed International Students in Canada, they can work On-Campus/Off-Campus immediately after registering with their designated University or College.

The new regulations will come into force in June 2014.