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Australia is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and it is benevolent in various areas such as quality of life, health, education, economic freedom etc.  The superabundance economic growth has resulted in the requirement for qualified workers. Australia is regarded as one of the most attractive immigration destinations for skilled workers and families across the globe.

In addition to a highly competitive workforce, the country is rich in mineral resources and world class in areas such as agriculture, wine making & technological research. Australia has always ranked within the top ten of the United Nation’s Human Development Index.


Australia’s Migration Programme for 2014-15 has 190,000 places of which 128,550 places are reserved for skilled migrants and that’s really great news for the aspirant migrants! Engineers of different stream, Accountants, Social Workers, HR Professionals, Health Care Professionals, etc., are in high demand in Australia. In fact, thanks to an inveterate skill shortage in Australia, those with skills in computing, accountancy and engineering have become the country’s fastest-growing group of migrants.

People who are looking to migrate to Australia will be assessed on a point based system mainly based on your age, work experience, qualifications and language proficiency. One of the basic requirements of Skilled Migration is to choose an occupation from the list determined by the Australian government that best matches either your work experience and/ qualifications. This list is called the Skilled Occupations List (SOL). Although extensive, it does not include every possible occupation, only those which are currently sought-after in Australia.

There are a variety of skilled migration options. Some of them are:

Skilled Independent Subclass 189: Subclass 189 guarantees you Permanent Resident Visa and under this subclass, you can work anywhere in Australia.

Skilled Nominated Subclass 190:  Subclass 190 guarantees you Permanent Resident Visa under a particular State nomination. You may need to work in that particular State initially.

Skilled Nominated or Sponsored Provisional Subclass 489: This is a 4-year provisional visa which allows holders to live only in certain areas of Australia. You would need to be sponsored by an Australian relative living in a designated area, or by a state or territory government.

The Australian 457 Visa (Temporary Business Long Stay) is a temporary work visa that allows employers to sponsor overseas workers to fill nominated skilled positions.  A 457 Visa is valid for up to four (4) years and work experience gained in Australia on this visa may lead to Permanent Residence either through sponsorship by an eligible employer or the skilled migration program.

For more details:

Once the applicant meets all eligibility factors, they can proceed on to apply for permanent residency status.  It is always advisable to use a reliable consultant who would help them through the entire process.  Santa Monica is associated with the MARA agent (Migration Agents Registration Authority) who is legally authorized to assist you in Australian migration and can help you partially in relocation.

 Santa Monica has a dedicated Australia Migration department with an  Immigration Attorney who can prepare your Australian immigration application, and help in other ways to maximize your likelihood of success in obtaining an Australian visa. For more info contact 0484-4140999