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Tips to prepare comprehensively for TOEFL


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Gaining admission to some of the most reputed overseas educational institutions abroad depend to a large extend on your English language proficiency test scores.  Prominent among these English language proficiency tests is TOEFL,  a test that measures the ability of non-native English speakers to use and understand the English language in an academic setting. The TOEFL consists of four sections (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) with a total score of 120 points.  Like all other English proficiency tests if you talk about the level of difficulty it is no cake walk by any means but with a diligent approach and hard work, one can surely come out with flying colors. Here are few tips to help you prepare well for your TOEFL. 

  • Get a good hold on the nature of the test

Knowing in-depth about the test is the first step towards cracking TOEFL .  Understand the time duration for each section i.e. reading, listening, speaking and writing, this will help you use the time most optimally.  Become familiar with what can you expect in each section and the pattern of questions asked, by doing so you can have a well directed preparation plan that will reduce test anxieties and would help you perform well.

  •  Read exhaustively

As someone intending to pursue studies abroad you might already have taken a liking to reading but if that is not the case it is high time you start.  The more you read the more you will develop vocabulary and comprehension skills. Make it a point to read quality English news papers, magazines, journals etc, as this, apart from helping you to refine your English language it would help  you answer multiple choice questions and essays with ease.

  • Practice writing on a daily basis

There is no short cut to improving ones writing prowess. Though you will have to type your answers on to a computer, make it a habit to write at least a paragraph daily without fail.  In the age of social media there is ample opportunities for you to refine your writing skills while replying to posts, commenting on a particular topic on social media platforms, blogs, articles etc,   by doing so, you not only build your English language but also widen your knowledge base and develop strong arguments in support of your views and present them in a more coherent way towards scoring well in the TOEFL writing section.

  • Develop the art of listening

Listening is a part most take for granted which is a fatal mistake. Work on your listening skills  by listening English from different sources  The most ideal way would be to  listen to English radio stations,  watching  Hollywood movies, international news channels like BBC, CNN etc which can significantly help you improve your learning and understanding the spoken word  Through this,   you will get  used to different accents and pronunciation.  Though initially following the accent in English movies, news and talk shows would be relatively tough, as time passes, one will get used to it. Make it a point to note down important points that you listen , this will help you develop note taking skills which would come  handy during test taking as it would be virtually impossible to memorize  everything that  one hear  in a single shot.

  • Devote ample time to practice speaking 

Though comparatively the shortest section of the TOEFL , this should not be left to chance. The key to scoring well in speaking session is to practice regularly using a micro phone with a couple of topics which you get for TOEFL.   Make sure to record your speaking sessions and hear it afterwards. This will help you find areas where you are lagging like grammar, vocabulary, repetitions etc and most importantly help you see whether you are able to complete each topic with the time permitted it would also be a great idea to practice your speaking session with a friend to get his/her feedback. Last but not the least; do not over exert to build up an unnatural accent however ensure that you speak chaste English   and that your pronunciation is clear.

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7 reasons to choose Australia as your study abroad destination



Every year thousands of students from across the globe with a penchant for pursuing world class studies abroad at top universities/ institutions of the world, board flights to Australia. No surprise as it comes third in the list of best study abroad destinations, behind USA and UK. Australian universities and colleges offer an array of courses ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate studies in diverse streams in Engineering / IT , Management /business, tourism, hospitality and more. But what is it all that makes Australia figure as one of the hot study destination let us get to the root.

  •  A welcoming country

Australia is one of the most open and multicultural countries of the world that   accommodates people of different ethnic, religious and language backgrounds. Australians are known to be warm and friendly and are seen to be more than happy to help out international students.  With a decent hold on the accent, it may not be surprising if you make a few Aussie friends just in a matter of days.

  • High on Quality and reputation

Australian education system is known for setting highest benchmarks in all areas of education and training. Their education standards are highly rated by employers and academics worldwide. Australian colleges and universities consistently rank highly for quality of education, student satisfaction and employment prospects.

  • Relatively less expensive

Though Australia boasts of a world class lifestyle and state of the art infrastructure Australia is far less expensive than UK or that matter U.S.A whether  be it in terms of the costs of tuition  fees,  cost of living or  food  however  this  might vary from city to city and depend on one’s life style.

  • Attractive Scholarships offered

Towards attracting rich pool of talented international students from all over the world Both Australian institutions and Government are offering a wide range of Scholarships across all fields of study that cover a student’s tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses and more. The sheer number of Scholarships offered is a testimony to the intent of the Australian government and institutions to promote Australia as a prime study abroad destination.

  • Abundant research avenues

Australian universities and colleges offer excellent research opportunities for undergraduate and post graduate students. These institutions maintain outstanding research facilities which can be put to most effective use to undertake path breaking research projects a reason why Australian institutions are highly preferred by research minded students.

  • Excellent career prospects

Australian educated international graduates are known to earn higher average salaries when compared to others.  Australia also offers international students with excellent part-time job avenues towards building valuable work experience that comes handy in getting that coveted first job.  Owing to the strong fundamentals of the Australian economy and the relatively low population a qualified candidate can land a job without much difficulty.

  • Step towards gaining permanent residency (PR)

Though studying in Australia in itself does not offer one any privilege while applying for Permanent residency, on account of   persistent demand for foreign workers, students who have earned a degree in Australia can apply for special work visa categories like (487) Regional Sponsored Visa, (887) Skilled Regional Residence Visa, (885) Skilled Independent Residence Visa, (886) Skilled Sponsor Resident Visa which all can lead to permanent residency for an International student

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Overseas Education Expo, September 2016 – Your quest for world class Overseas Education ends here

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Are you a student looking for quality overseas education or a parent keen on choosing the best program for your ward? There cannot be a better opportunity. The Overseas Education Expo, September 2016, undoubtedly the biggest Overseas Education expo of South India  jointly organized by Santa Monica study abroad Pvt. Ltd and Malayala Manorama, will be held on September 23rd and 24th at Hotel Taj Gateway, Kochi  from 10 am – 6 Pm.  The overseas Education Expo September, 2016 will offer unique opportunity for students to know more about quality overseas education and choose the best suitable programs and institutions. Over 60+ world renowned universities/institutions from 10+ developed countries will be participating and showcasing their niche programs and specializations.


  • The most authoritative overseas education Expo of South India
  • Top Universities/ institutions from 10+ countries participating
  • Hundreds of Job centric diploma, Undergraduate and Master’s degree programs
  • Meet officials from top Universities /Institutions
  • On the spot personalized education counseling
  • Spot offers on first co me, first serve basis and eligibility*
  • Prioritized application processing, application Fee waivers
  • Assistance for hassle free education loans*
  • Seminar sessions on overseas study options by experts
  • Free IELTS, PTE training for students registered with Santa Monica*
  • Gain Information on Canada, Australia migration


Students who have completed their 12th grade, those undergoing Bachelor’s degree or looking for a diploma or master’s programs are welcome. Undergraduate and post graduate admissions are possible in varied fields ranging from Engineering /IT, medicine, nursing / health care, Business, hospitality and tourism and more.


  • Copies of your education certificates from 10th to degree or your latest qualifying examination and or professional history (CV )
  • Pass port size photographs (4 numbers)
  • IELTS, PTE score if you have one

Visiting the expo with the above said documents will help university/ institutional representative to give a more accurate advice.  For more info and registration log on to the dedicated education expo web site at the earliest or call 0484-4140999


Adaptation program for Doctors in Austria

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Are you a Doctor aiming a thriving medical career with high growth trajectory and exposure in the European Union? If the answer is yes then a Doctor’s adaptation program, jointly offered in Austria with the cooperation and partnership with Austrian Hospitals and language schools is the perfect one for you. The 2 year adaptation program  includes up to 600 hours of theoretical classes and 300 + hours of practical training at Austrian and EU hospitals and clinics as per Austrian Medical system. These include Medical Terminology, Medical ethics, Austrian medical laws related to treatment, Patient care, and specific Medical program review courses along with German language classes.

Initially one would start with the German language foundation course and then proceed to hospital visit which include observatory ship & limited practical training. Once the official state Nostrification (validation) document  are received from the concerned Austrian authority, one will  intimated  about  courses that needs to completed to  further  proceed with the medical part of the theory classes and remaining part of the practical.

Upon completion of the program and passing the required exam, the qualification awarded is Doctor of Medicine – Austrian/European qualification, making one eligible to apply and obtain entry level or junior Doctor Position; and can start their medical specialization process in their chosen field at Austrian hospitals/clinics and other health care organization, based on their qualification.


  • Gain a coveted Austrian /European Doctor of medicine qualification
  • Program offered in cooperation and partnership with Austrian Hospitals and language schools
  • 600 hours of medical theory classes  &  300+ hours of practical training at Austrian and EU hospitals and clinics
  • Options to pursue wide range of surgical and therapeutical  specialization(without tuition fee)while working as  a junior Doctor
  • Excellent job avenues  for junior  Doctors available at Austrian /German hospitals/clinics and health care organizations with entry level  pay of 4000 to 5500 Euro per month

Doctor’s adaptations programs in Austria are offered throughout the year with new batches starting every month.  Need more information on Adaptation program for Doctors? Visit your nearest office of Santa Monica Study Abroad  or reach us on 9961443399.

Study in New Zealand- For that Enriching Educational Experience


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There cannot be a single answer to the question that what attracts students from across the globe to study in New Zealand.  The reasons are too many and vary to a large degree from student to student. Some choose New Zealand for its serenity and tranquility, others swear by its unique culture and picturesque locales, offering endless adventure and sporting opportunities. All these are key factors but the real reason for getting that priced tag of being one of the most sought after study abroad  destination is  its  sheer quality of  education system, rated highly across the globe that can be viewed at par with that of USA ,UK  ,Canada and Australia to mention a few. New Zealand can boast of a robust education system, with institutions finding top positions in international rankings. The expertise and competency of the teaching staffs coupled with world class facilities makes New Zealand institutions increasingly popular among international students.

There are 8 public universities in New Zealand that offers courses ranging from undergraduate programs to PhD and post doctoral courses all of which were  ranked prominently in  2014- 2015 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. New Zealand also has 22 Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics that offer highly vocational and skill based courses ranging from certificate level through to Bachelors and Post Graduate level. There are also a growing number of private tertiary and training providers offering study options in diverse range of subjects.

Though there are a host of reasons cited by International students for choosing New Zealand as the most preferred study destination abroad, the most common reasons are

  • Safe and secure study destination

 New Zealand has a reputation for being a safe country with very low crime rate. New Zealand is ranked 4th in the Global Peace Index. It is one of the few countries in the world where the government has set out strict guidelines to ensure that International students are well informed, safe and properly cared for through the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International students. Every education provider that caters to international students is signatory to this Code of Practice laid by the Ministry of Education

  • Great Value for money

With the lowest cost of living among the developed nations and the opportunity to work 20 hours per week while studying and 40 hours during the summer holidays, New Zealand provides immense financial relief for international students who wish to budget their overall expenses towards their education in New Zealand.

  • Offers Multicultural Environment

The diverse mix of cultures and people provides a welcoming feel to the international students and makes it easier for them to integrate into the culture.

  •  Attractive Scholarships

 The New Zealand Government and New Zealand Universities provide a number of scholarships for international students who wish to study in New Zealand.  One of the most notable among them is the New Zealand development Scholarships offered by the New Zealand to students from selected developing countries in Asia and Africa to gain knowledge and skills through post-graduate study in specific subject areas that will assist them in the development of their home country. The scholarships cover tuition fees, travel costs, living allowance, and insurance. New Zealand institutions also have similar scholarships that come handy to International students.

  •  Post study work permit

 Following the successful completion of level 5 & 6, Level 7, 8 and 9 students are entitled to 1 year post study work permit which provides students with an opportunity to explore job prospects in New Zealand and acquire valuable international work experience.

  •  Excellent Employment prospects after graduation.

 With skills shortage existing across various sectors in the New Zealand labour market there is a strong demand for skilled workers especially in health, social work, Information and communication technology, hospitality, agriculture, farming and engineering industries.

  • Encouraging immigration policies

 Students with qualifications and skills in the long term shortage skill list published by Immigration New Zealand and who wish to stay in New Zealand long term may apply for resident visa under the skilled migrant category to live and work in New Zealand permanently.

  • Spouse Accompaniment

 Students who proceed for Post Graduate programs and a few level 7 programs that figure in the Shortage skill list are entitled to take their spouse along with full work rights.

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Becoming a registered Nurse in Australia- All that you wanted to know


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The serious shortage of Nurses around the globe is positive news indeed for Indian Nurses, who owing to their incredible experience, valuable skills, hard working nature and unfettering commitment are highly valued across the world. Though countries including USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are promising destinations for Indian nurses, Australia remains a hot favorite destination for a large chunk of Nurses. The reasons are obvious. The incredible Aussie way of life,coupled  with a  high paying rewarding career along with permanent residency prospect for family and oneself. Although there are plenty of opportunities for overseas nurse’s, one need to meet the  stringent Australian standards to gain registration.

Who can apply for becoming a registered Nurse in Australia?

Any Nursing graduate with a minimum of 2 years experience with an IELTS Academic minimum score of 7 or PTE Academic, with a minimum overall score of 65 and a minimum score of 65 in each of the module or OET B in each module from one test sitting, or a maximum of two test sittings in a six month period is eligible to register with the (Australian Health Practitioners’ Agency) AHPRA

    Documents needed for registration

  • Copy of Passport
  • Passport size Photograph (2 nos)
  • Curriculum vita (bio-data)attested by Nursing superintendent of currently working Institution
  • Duly filled Application form and application Fee
  • Copies  of IETLS/ PTE /OET   mark sheets (Notarized )
  • Notarized Copy of experience letter and original  reference letter from present as well as  previous employers
  • Copy of initial and current nursing registration certificate / license.
  • Copy of nursing degree certificates, mark sheets, academic and course transcripts
  • Copies of Plus Two certificates and mark sheets.
  • Copies of 10th certificates and mark sheets
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of marriage certificate (If applicable )

On verification of the documents, candidates will be issued Initial Registration and will be permitted to pursue the Overseas Nurses Pre registration Program. Please note that to apply for a Visa You will need to show fund proof for course fees, travel, living and accommodation.

 Overseas Nurses Pre Registration Program

Based on the Initial Registration letter, candidates are expected to complete their Overseas Nurses Pre Registration training program in approved centers. The purpose of this 12 weeks course is to provide overseas qualified nurses a specific period of training to adapt to the nursing policies of Australia. This includes a period of supervised clinical practice and theory of nursing studies. On successful completion of this program  one will attain the necessary competencies set by the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council’s National Competency Standards for registration as a Registered Nurse. Santa Monica study abroad Pvt. Ltd your trusted overseas education and migration consultant is here to assist you in securing a position as an RN in Australia.  For more information Please visit your nearest office of Santa Monica Study abroad or call 0484-4140999.