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5 Things that will help you land that dream job in Sweden


Sweden, a country in the forefront of technology and innovation has always been a favored choice of students looking for futuristic programs in all most all disciplines, especially in engineering.  If at all there is a slight dampener, it is that general notion that finding a job there is a bit of struggle.  Though this is true to some extent, it is not at all that difficult either, as Sweden does have a labor shortage list and looks for international workers to fill these roles. Sweden is a great place to start your career as innovative, international companies are found throughout the country.

However, one should bear in mind that recruitment in Swedish companies, does take a little longer compared to other parts of the world, but it has its own reasons that works in favor of the employees. Swedish jobs are highly paid which is one reason behind the wait and act policy adopted by companies while recruiting an immigrant. since they are hiring people at a high salary, it is quite normal from their part to ensure that they are getting the best person in, as a hire and fire policy is virtually nonexistent in Sweden due to stringent norms and strong unions, making termination virtually impossible, which means once you land a job you are sure to have a secure and steady career with excellent pay and perks.

Now that you know what to expect in Sweden, let’s get to business and discuss what would work as far as getting that coveted first job is concerned.

1 Learn the language – This sound a bit too harsh, but it would certainly help your cause. It is better to pick up Swedish bit by bit right from the first couple of weeks, as this gradual process can give you enough verbal armor to strike a conversation with a local.  Though this may seem trivial this is how it works and matters a lot when you are job hunting or looking for an internship later. Though you might still land a job with your English strength, knowing Swedish, even a street smart version can make the difference.

2 Job hunting can start early

 Whether you are looking for a fulltime job, part time or an internship program, it is better to start the process early enough without waiting for the completion of your program. Though the recruiting season varies depending on the domain, it is worth noting that employers tend to notify vacancies, well before a couple of months before actually filling up the vacancies. This is the same in the case of all most all domains. The onus lies on you to apply before hand and not wait for the last week, unlike the type of job recruitment companies back in India follow. Graduate training programs offered by Multinational companies can offer you the much deserved break, provided you apply at the right time.   Start ups are great platforms to launch your career.  Sweden have large number of startup with ample space for young legs,  so stay positive there are no dearth of opportunities.

3   Networking is the buzz word

How much of networking is right, there is no tailor made answer.  More the better, as getting to know people at the right place can give you an entry,  which won’t be otherwise possible and also would help you project as a person who can easily jell with the Swedish population.  This   is highly desires as any prospective employer would love to have a person who can adapt to the culture and surrounding and at the same time offer a newer perspective being an immigrant. Striking a conversation with people at cafes, industry events etc can get you valuable contacts, as contacts can do tricks which years of toil can’t.

 4 Presenting your best self, before the employer

Swedes judge you by what you speak or the picture you give about yourself.  In short what you speak can make or mar your career, whether be it in your curriculum vitae, interviews, casual chit chats or at the time of networking.   Though it is always desirable to put your best foot forward,   being original   is equally important.  A potential employer would like to know, what makes you different from others, your approach towards life, the changes you have encountered in life, how you encountered them etc.  This can help them make a mental picture about you and can judge whether you fit the bill. Though this seems very simple, practice can come handy as more you fine tune, greater are the chances of success.

5 Time management, hard work, consistency and patience pay  

They can never be a substitute for hard work.  Getting that much desired job in Sweden is all about investing your time judiciously which involves searching for jobs, preparing resumes, building up contacts, interviews etc.  Though you may not get a job in your first or second attempt but it really gives you valuable experience and brings out ones flaws, which can be corrected in your succeeding attempts.

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