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5 most common mistakes to avoid while studying abroad

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Studying abroad is an exciting phase where one gets to explore a new country, make  new friends, enjoy the vibrant culture, exotic food and more, certainly the best part of the studying abroad phase, one which will have profound impact on your professional and person life later. However with all the freedom available, there are possibilities that one may forget the basic purpose of coming here, which is to study.  Lucky for you, dwelling on the experience of many who have gone through this phase, we have zeroed in on few things one needs to avoid to ensure an enriching study abroad experience.

1 Getting spell bound in the new environment and wasting time


Spending quality time with your friends on weekends and having short trips, exploring the country side is all but natural; after all you are in a different country.  But spending entire days partying, chit chat, skipping classes is   not the   way to go.  Cramming before exams is not going  to work  as apart from scoring good marks attendance is  also is taken in to account So dude spend your time wisely. Mark me you will have ample time on weekends and vacations to have short trips or throw a party.

2   Reckless Spending


Hey! This is easier said than done. Keeping in check the urge to splurge is very difficult but one needs to get a hold on it to avoid falling short of cash amidst first semester itself, needing to call home for replenishing ones bank balance. Eating out at costly restaurants, splurging on clothes, frequent visits to pubs are certain things one need to avoid if you intend to not to tax your parents for more money. 

3 Taking study a bit too seriously

Tired student with books


Yeah all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, goes the proverb.  The same applies to all.  Though studies should be your priority, one doesn’t need to be paranoid about it. Spending the entire study abroad phase in side you hostel room pouring in endless number of books is not going to help, unless you are seriously thinking of becoming a nerd. Take some time off, go out, meet people, have a stroll in the park, breathe some fresh air it will certainly recharge your body and mind for your study schedule ahead

4 Ignoring health


It goes without saying that “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Being way from home is no excuse to tamper with your fitness regimen, though you may miss your neighborhood gym.  A good half an hour jog is all that you need to keep yourself fit or at least in shape. Takes care of what you eat.  The junk stuff, high on fat and carbohydrate is not what you call food,   aerated drinks and alcohol should get a hands down ,  keep a tab on  all these as it doesn’t take much time to move from fit to fat.

5 Limiting social interaction


  Studying abroad is not about spending the whole day on a pile of books or spending hours on social media.   Posting your latest selfies is not going to help your cause. Taking part in college activities like debate clubs and paying visit to local functions, gatherings etc are in fact a great way to meet new people and get a wider world perspective   understand local custom’s, history etc as in today’s competitive global work environment a world view in perspective and outlook would give you a firm footing in your professional life.

Study abroad  offers you an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so make it count however make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes many have made before so enjoy your stint abroad!

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