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How to select the best Study Abroad destination for you?

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So, you have decided to study Abroad, Great decision indeed,  but with the number of country options available,  one is sure to get confused, which is quite natural as there are different factors that one needs to take  in to account before deciding on a particular country. Asking a few questions yourself would help clear this confusion to a large extend.

Q1 which is the best country to offer programs connected to my area of study?  Will it add value to my current qualification?

 Q2 what is the state of the economy of the destinations under consideration what will be my job prospects there post study

 Q3 where does the institution in my preferred study destination category stand in terms of ranking?

 Q4 Am I looking for a conventional study destination or less conventional one?

 Q5   How much can I afford for my foreign education?

 Q6 How much funding can I receive for my study?

 Q7 Will I be comfortable studying in an English speaking or non-English speaking country?

 Q8 what kind of culture I want to experience is it something that is similar to mine or totally    different?

 Q9 what type of a person am I?  Do I prefer urban environment or prefer the quiet country side?

Asking these simple questions can help you decide the best country to study abroad.  Still confused about taking a right decision? Fix a free counseling session with experts   at  Santa Monica study abroad, your trusted overseas education consultant with over 13 years of experience with association across 10+ countries and over 200 universities/institutions of repute, on the following number  0484 -4140999.


Why should I Study Abroad ?

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The world is already border less in various contexts and in such an environment, skills, knowledge and a flexible way of thinking gained through international education and experience is becoming increasingly essential.

So what are the benefits of studying abroad?

  •  Opportunity to become a global specialist in line with your passion and skills
  •  Advanced education system with modern facilities and learning methods
  •  Practical knowledge and training by world renowned professors
  •  Chance to learn new languages and mingle with different nationalities
  •  Opportunity to independently handle unfamiliar situations
  •  Value addition to profile with a degree from world class institutions
  •  Opportunity to develop trade skills and leadership skills
  •  Financial supports through scholarships, stipends, bursaries and paid Internships
  •  Work opportunities for self and spouse while studying
  •  Prospects for settling with family post study in PR/Work permit status

Unlike Indian education, though with the exception of a few IITs and some premier institutions focus more on the theoretical aspects, solely aiming at top grades without factoring in the employability part whereas International Universities/colleges have collaborations with industries, employers and researchers in different study fields and have partnered with them for training, lectures and campus placements and Internships, help gain real-time work experience and give students an edge over others when they begin their work life.

UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are some of the most preferred study abroad destinations for higher studies in IT, Engineering, Accounting, Business, Hospitality, Nursing, etc.

While USA tops for IT studies, engineering qualifications earned from Germany, Sweden and Norway are gaining global attention. Singapore is increasingly becoming popular for cost-effective western university qualifications. Countries like Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Lithuania Poland Hungary Malaysia Philippines offer quality and cost effective courses in medicine studies.

Embarking on higher studies abroad have never been this simple with easy availability of education loans and scholarships, bursaries, and paid internships.

Many countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK provide students with part-time work rights during academic sessions and during vacations. While Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and an increasing number of countries provide stay back options with full work rights for students to explore job opportunities and permanent residency prospects after studies provided they meet the eligibility prerequisites and the conditions for part-time and stay back.

Want a detailed counseling session on studying abroad ? contact  Santa Monica study abroad,your trusted overseas education consultant with over 13 years of experience with association across 10+ countries and over 200 universities/institutions of repute with services ranging from Colleges short listing to application submission, liaising with Universities, visa guidance, scholarship assistance , financial aid, education loan assistance to predeparture and post landing assistance.  Please feel free to reach us on 0484 -4140999.



5 most common mistakes to avoid while studying abroad

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Studying abroad is an exciting phase where one gets to explore a new country, make  new friends, enjoy the vibrant culture, exotic food and more, certainly the best part of the studying abroad phase, one which will have profound impact on your professional and person life later. However with all the freedom available, there are possibilities that one may forget the basic purpose of coming here, which is to study.  Lucky for you, dwelling on the experience of many who have gone through this phase, we have zeroed in on few things one needs to avoid to ensure an enriching study abroad experience.

1 Getting spell bound in the new environment and wasting time


Spending quality time with your friends on weekends and having short trips, exploring the country side is all but natural; after all you are in a different country.  But spending entire days partying, chit chat, skipping classes is   not the   way to go.  Cramming before exams is not going  to work  as apart from scoring good marks attendance is  also is taken in to account So dude spend your time wisely. Mark me you will have ample time on weekends and vacations to have short trips or throw a party.

2   Reckless Spending


Hey! This is easier said than done. Keeping in check the urge to splurge is very difficult but one needs to get a hold on it to avoid falling short of cash amidst first semester itself, needing to call home for replenishing ones bank balance. Eating out at costly restaurants, splurging on clothes, frequent visits to pubs are certain things one need to avoid if you intend to not to tax your parents for more money. 

3 Taking study a bit too seriously

Tired student with books


Yeah all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, goes the proverb.  The same applies to all.  Though studies should be your priority, one doesn’t need to be paranoid about it. Spending the entire study abroad phase in side you hostel room pouring in endless number of books is not going to help, unless you are seriously thinking of becoming a nerd. Take some time off, go out, meet people, have a stroll in the park, breathe some fresh air it will certainly recharge your body and mind for your study schedule ahead

4 Ignoring health


It goes without saying that “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Being way from home is no excuse to tamper with your fitness regimen, though you may miss your neighborhood gym.  A good half an hour jog is all that you need to keep yourself fit or at least in shape. Takes care of what you eat.  The junk stuff, high on fat and carbohydrate is not what you call food,   aerated drinks and alcohol should get a hands down ,  keep a tab on  all these as it doesn’t take much time to move from fit to fat.

5 Limiting social interaction


  Studying abroad is not about spending the whole day on a pile of books or spending hours on social media.   Posting your latest selfies is not going to help your cause. Taking part in college activities like debate clubs and paying visit to local functions, gatherings etc are in fact a great way to meet new people and get a wider world perspective   understand local custom’s, history etc as in today’s competitive global work environment a world view in perspective and outlook would give you a firm footing in your professional life.

Study abroad  offers you an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so make it count however make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes many have made before so enjoy your stint abroad!

Want a detailed counseling session on studying abroad ? contact  Santa Monica study abroad, your trusted overseas education consultant with over 13 years of experience with association across 10+ countries and over 200 universities/institutions of repute with services ranging from Colleges short listing to application submission, liaising with Universities, visa guidance, scholarship assistance , financial aid, education loan assistance to predeparture and post landing assistance.  Please feel free to reach us on 0484 -4140999.





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At last, the anxious wait is over. Getting news of your student visa approved is just what the doctor ordered for  a  good nights  sleep. But still the anxiety or maybe, we can call it   the excitement of flying to an alien country, away from your loved ones, can be quite emotionally taxing.  However with wise prioritization of things and   acquiring some basic information, can spare you the trouble of last minute rush and unnecessary stress.




Booking Flight tickets

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Now that you have received your student visa, the next things on your priority list should be to   book  flight tickets, without waiting for the last minute. That doesn’t mean,  heading  straightaway to the nearest travel agent without  inquiring about the prevailing rates. Do fair bit of research on internet, comparing rates of various airlines, routes, dates etc, while making sure you reach your institution on time for the class, at least two days in advance for acclimatization. In case you have an orientation class to attend, make sure you reach on time as most overseas institutions are very keen that student attends the orientation program.

All most all notable overseas education consultants have a dedicated travel desk department through which you can get flight tickets at relatively economical rates as they procure tickets from different vendors at economical prices.

In case you are booking your tickets directly it would be wise to know the flight itinerary to avoid transit routes, which require transit visa. Also ensure that you take the shortest route and flights with minimum lay over time as it would be a harrowing time getting stuck at an airport, waiting hours to catch your connection flight.


Arranging your pick and drop and accommodation


It is a common sight to see parents and students at the last moment, running from pillar to post, looking for accommodation, calling up relative’s acquaintances and friends abroad.  Usually once the admission is confirmed, the respective university / institution, usually  email details of accommodation available on campus  or  endorsed by them  Free pick  and drop or with a nominal  fee  from airport is also  arranged  a couple of weeks before the course date  for which a candidate is required to register online, giving the details of  his/ her flight itinerary.  Similarly for accommodation,  candidates are advised to register at the university portal well in advance  to avoid complications.  One can  contact the travel desk of your overseas education consultant    about your need  for accommodation   so as to ensure  a confirmed accommodation and pick  up before you reach your study destination.



Packing your luggage is obviously the last thing on your mind and  rightly so  but contrary to the belief of many it can be a most time consuming and tiring work as one needs to ensure that he/she has taken all necessary stuff.   With regard to the luggage   specification, you can’t have a standard answer for the question as it depends on the airline company you are flying.    Though most airlines allow a minimum of 2 piece luggages of 23 kgs each and also a carry in luggage of 7 kgs however do ensure that the size of your luggage does not exceed 158 cm in length, breadth and height.

Certain airlines as an offer for students embarking on overseas studies, allow three piece luggages of 23 kgs each.  In case the weight exceeds this limit you will have to shell extra money.  It is advisable to buy luggage carriers that have TSA in built lock to avoid damage to bags during baggage checking.   Do ensure  you  carry things  of urgent need  like necessary currency, Cell phones( in switch off mode), Medicine if any, travel documents, and pass ports, Visa copy if in the form of separate letter. Do ensure that you don’t have any banned substance in your luggage  like explosives ,  incendiary materials,  fireworks, flares, plastic flammable liquid, aerosols except  for toiletries, Infectious materials,  Medical laboratory specimens, viral organisms, bacterial cultures. Magnetic materials: etc which comes under banned category.

  Arranging for foreign currency

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As a student embarking on overseas studies you would require a minimum of foreign currency of the host country to ensure that you are not cash strapped to manage yourself during this transitory period. Though scores of Forex agencies offer these services, it is advisable to compare rates offered by different agencies before you take a final call.   Multi currency travel cards are now available, which would help you travel cash free  as these cards are safer and convenient with their top up facility available, along with   minimum charge per transaction. You can select the credit limit and type of card as per your requirement and have a relaxed journey Check with your overseas education facilitator if they provide such service.

Attending the pre departure briefing conducted by your overseas education consultant would quell all your queries to a large extent.  The pre departure briefing session is the right platform  to know  about the dos and don’ts, while  embarking  on your studies abroad as they are conducted by  experts in the domain who have years of experience and exposure to back.

Still have concerns,  contact Santa Monica study abroad, your trusted overseas education consultant with over 13 years of experience with association across 10+ countries and over 200 universities/institutions of repute with services ranging from Colleges short listing to application submission, liaising with Universities, visa guidance, scholarship assistance, financial aid, education loan assistance to pre departure and post landing assistance.  Please feel free to reach us on 0484 -4140999.

Study Tourism and hospitality @ world class institutions abroad and become part of the growing Global Tourism and hospitality Industry

hospitality_tourism_jobs_perth_waworking-for-the-weekend-jobsimages courtesy -Google

How about a job that gives you opportunity to explore  breath taking locales,  the best of ambiance, interacting with people from all nationalities, varied interests, language etc helping them enjoy themselves, serving lip smacking delicacies, beverages or helping them unwind themselves.  Fun part apart, the travel and hospitality sector is serious business, one that doesn’t shut even during holidays, in fact it thrives during this season.

It is a less known fact that the tourism and hospitality domain employs   maximum workforce in the world, According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the hospitality and tourism sector employs more than 235 million people worldwide! Exciting job opportunities awaits aspirants with the right qualifications from the best of institutions along right skills, attitude, excellent communication skills and genuine interest in helping people.

The Travel and hospitality industry offers an exciting as well as financially rewarding career contrary to the belief of many   for whom its limited to receptionists, chefs, bearers and butlers. Diverse roles are available in this segment where you can quickly progress in career such as events, hotel, conference management, Marketing sales and business development to mention a few The best part is that it is not going to be a monotonous nine-to-five job.    With highly flexible work hours, one can expect to have fair   bit of socializing and meet some real characters from across the globe.



  • Hotels /motels / Restaurants & resorts
  • Cruise
  • Transportation
  • Travel agencies
  • Tour companies
  • Tourist attractions
  • Leisure, recreation and sport
  • Cultural industries
  • A multibillion dollar Cruise Industry
  • Entertainment,   recreation and Leisure Industry.
  • Travel and Tourism Organizations like WTO, IATA, IATO etc as well as Travel Media and Research Organizations
  • Tour Planners,   Publicity and Reservation Specialists, Transport Co-coordinators etc.
  • Airlines & major Travel & Tourism Industry employers, offering host of Jobs in various sectors like: Reservation Agents, Flight Attendants, Flight catering etc.



 Though scores of universities and institutions offer various programs in travel and hospitality, the reputation of the institutions makes all the difference. There are a number of prestigious universities / institutions across the world that offer a variety of tourism and hospitality programs, which are most sought after the world over   One can select from a whole range of programs right from Certificate  to post graduate degrees. These programs with   rigorous academic studies, coupled with professional internships will arm you with the skills and experience required to launch a promising career anywhere in the world.


  • Hospitality Management-Toronto Campus,   Lambton College,   Canada
  • PG Diploma in Hospitality Management,   Dimensions International College,   Singapore
  • International Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management,   Informatics Academy,   Singapore
  • Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management,   FTMS Global Academy,   Singapore
  • Graduate Certificate in Hospitality Management (International intake),   Lambton College,   Canada
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management,   Business and Hotel Management School,   Switzerland
  • Diploma in Professional Cookery,   Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki,   New Zealand
  • International Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management,   Informatics Academy,   Singapore
  • Hospitality Management – Hotel and Resort (Co-op),   Georgian College,   Canada
  • Culinary Management,   George Brown College,   Canada

If a promising career in the Tourism and hospitality industry is what you are looking at ,  look no further  feel free to Contact, Santa Monica study abroad pvt ltd, your most trusted overseas education consultant based in Kochi, Kerala with associations with the words top universities/ institutions offering programs in Tourism and hospitality. Reach us on -0484 -4140999 to fix a free counseling session.

Courses abroad in visual media for the creative genius in you!



The  world has witnessed unprecedented media boom  in the last two decades with mind boggling increase in the number of television channels , Media houses , Movie studios, Game development companies, who have mesmerized  viewers’ across the world with the   use of newer sophisticated technologies , animation and visual effects.  With expanding games market and smart phone revolution this trend is going to gain more momentum needing the best of creative minds to work on ambitious projects.

If you have the creative spark in you, becoming a world class animator, game designer or 3d artist, is no more a distant dream with reputed overseas institutions offering programs ranging from diploma to post graduate levels. These programs are known for their top notch industry centric curriculum, use of state of the art technology, live training sessions, complete with a global recognized qualification.

Countries like Canada US, UK, New Zealand, and Singapore Australia are in the forefront of offering these programs, though programs offered by these universities / institutions are comparatively expensive  to Indian programs , considering  the value gained  and the excellent job opportunities  ahead  , it’s worth it

  •  Classical Animation Program,   Vancouver Film School,   Canada
  • Film Production,   Vancouver Film School,   Canada
  • Broadcasting – Television Production,   Confederation College,   Canada
  • 3D Animation and Visual Effects,   Media Design School,   New Zealand
  • Motion Design,   Media Design School,   New Zealand
  • Diploma in Game Design,   Mages Institute of Excellence,   Singapore
  • BA (Hons) Computer Animation and Visual Effects,   Teesside University,   UK
  • MA Film,   Southampton Solent University,   UK
  • Advanced Diploma in Animation (ANPG),   Cambrian College,   Canada
  • Graduate Certificate in 3D Animation and Character Design,   Fanshawe College,   Canada

Large number  of opportunities await successful pass outs   in film arena , print media, and multimedia and also in different emerging media such as motion graphics, video, animation, and game design. Companies both national and international are always on the constant look out for raw creative talent who might not have the best portfolio but have a passion and enthusiasm for working in the area.

       Need more information  on Visual media programs abroad ? Contact Santa Monica study abroad pvt ltd your most trusted overseas  education consultant based in Kochi ,Kerala.  Feel free to   reach us on -0484 -4140999 to fix a free counseling session.


Parents 5 Main worries, when it comes to overseas education of their children.

14_jan_airport_800x600_1_01422712603919images courtesy Google

You might be the first one to have mooted the idea of sending your son/daughter for overseas studies. Browsing dozens of university websites, talking to friends, relatives, colleagues, to scanning every   bit of information available on the web and visiting the best overseas education consultants in town and what not, before finalizing on a particular study abroad destination and institution that is best for your child, and now he / she is about to fly in a matter of days. Though happy with the outcome, anxiousness takes precedence over excitement. This is a situation most of the parents go through when their kids embark on studies abroad.  Some common worries go like this


Will my son/ daughter be safe there?

Safety is a genuine worry in the current world scenario. Though no country can be 100% safe, considering the high priority given by governments of popular study abroad destinations for security, you can be rest assured   about the safety of your loved ones.  As a matter of fact, most universities / institutions abroad provide accommodation within their campus or facilitate safe accommodation, so that worry can be laid to rest .Travelling also should not be a major cause of concern as most of these countries have excellent transportation systems including, bus, taxis, trams etc.   Exercising a little bit  of caution  like safe keeping of one’s wallet , credit cards ,avoiding  travelling at unearthly hours  through isolated locations  etc  there is remote possibility of anything untoward happening.


How can we be in constant touch with them?

This is a very common worry, most parents of students embarking on overseas studies have, but in this age of advanced technology with endless options like Skype, Google hangout, viber, whatsapp etc, getting in touch with your child should not be a problem. Apart from phones at hostels and accommodations, calling cards are also easily available from international desks of the concerned institutions.   All you have to do is to fix a time slot, probably after class hours. Sunday would be ideal as you can hear from him / her all the interesting developments of the week.

images (4)

Will my child properly utilize the time for studies while he / she is abroad?

Whether my  child would  wisely utilize  the time  spend abroad  and concentrate  on  his/her  studies  rather than  on partying , sigh seeing   etc ?,  is a common  concern of many parents, though they may not admit it openly.  However it is heartening to find that majority of students take their studies seriously.   As a parent one must also understand apart from studies, a little bit of mingling with students and spending time outside, exploring the country side, its culture, food etc is equally important in getting exposure, which would come handy in their professional life abroad.

images (1)

What will be the food like?  will my child get food to his/her liking?

A typical worry of most parents especially mothers whether their child would get food to his /her liking however it is very interesting to note that most students love food, offering a bit of variety in taste and ingredients, at least for the first few days, before craving for Indian food. Even the most introvert student gets a feel of the locality near to accommodation or university/ college and locates restaurants serving Indian food which is very common irrespective of the country you are in.  Students studying abroad are usually seen to enjoy cooking and try out some home recipes to great effect.  So relax your loved one is not going to starve any way.

images (2)

How much money is enough for my child for his comfortable stay abroad?

This is something that every parent have on the back of his/her mind but unfortunately there can be no tailor made answer for it as it depends on many things including the life style your child is accustomed to, accommodation taken, food choices etc but it is generally seen that Indian students usually don’t ring up their parents for extra money and find out ways to earn their pocket money by doing part time jobs.  Scholarships also to a large extend comes handy in reducing the financial burden.  Considering the hard working and high adaptability nature it is generally seen that Indian student do not trouble their parents for extra money unless it is beyond their control.

Still have concerns regarding overseas study phase of your child, contact Santa Monica study abroad, your trusted overseas education consultant with over 13 years of experience with association across 10+ countries and over 200 universities/institutions of repute with services ranging from Colleges short listing to application submission, liaising with Universities, visa guidance, scholarship assistance, financial aid, education loan assistance to pre departure and post landing assistance.  please feel free to reach us on o484 -4140999

Study Medicine Abroad @ St. Paul University Philippines and emerge as world class doctors


Disappointed with your medical entrance results? Thinking of repeating it next year? Or have you all together shelved your plan of becoming a doctor? Think again, not figuring in medical entrance exam successful list is now not the end of your doctor dream, when you can Study medicine abroad at St Paul university, without worrying about stringent entrance tests, hefty donation etc, without compromising on quality of education, that too at economical fees. The degree offered is a M.D degree which is similar to MBBS degree. The professional medical degree, MD, is a four-year program which deals with medical theories, practices, technologies and problem solving. Students then have to undergo mandatory clerk ship which qualifies them to take the licensure examination to practice in Philippines. To practice in India, students have to undertake the specified examination prescribed by MCI. Since, Philippines follow American curriculum (MD-American System), Students pursuing medical course there are eligible to appear for USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) Part 1 after 2nd year of MD & Part 2 after 4th year of MD.


spup-logo (1)mikael

St Paul University Philippines SPUP was founded by the Sisters of St. Paul of Chartres more than a century ago. Situated in the beautiful city of Tuguegarao, St. Paul University is a formidable institution playing a crucial role in the formation of Medical doctors, geared towards the provision of optimum and affordable health care programs where knowledge and experience are perfectly combined to continuously infuse medical students with relevant learning opportunities.

St. Paul University Philippines – Some rare distinctions

  • First Private Catholic University in Asia
  •  Enjoys full accredited status by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO) based in the United States of America
  • Designated as one of the twelve participating schools in the country for the ASEAN International Mobility for Students (AIMS) program

St Paul University Philippines holds autonomous status as a mark of credibility for strictly adhering to government rules and regulations and also for achieving excellent academic output. The whole environment at the university gives confidence to parents who are sending their wards to study medicine in a distance land. Towards expediting and simplifying admission process for students from India and adjoining countries St. Paul University Philippines has set up its south Asian region office in Indian at kochi, Kerala which is managed by Santa Monica study abroad Pvt.Ltd. For more information regarding Medicine programs in St Paul’s university Philippines contact 0484-4140999




Canada Express entry system is something you might have been hearing for some time now, as the term denotes the system intends to expedite the entire process of Canada migration. To explain things, minus the jargon, Express Entry is an electronic management application system that came into operation on January 1, 2015 for immigration to Canada which facilitates the selection and processing of Canada’s economic immigration programs which includes

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Classs (formerly the Federal Skilled Worker Program),
  •  The Federal Skilled Trades Class (formerly the Federal Skilled Trades Program)
  •  The Canadian Experience Class

Provinces and territories are also able to recruit candidates from the Express Entry system for a portion of the Provincial Nomination Programs in order to meet local labour market needs.



Applicants interested in migration to Canada and, if they are eligible for at least one of the aforementioned programs can enter the Express Entry pool by entering information about their skills, work experience, language proficiency, education and other personal information. The federal government and provincial governments, as well as Canadian employers, are then able to select candidates from this pool who will then receive an ‘invitation to apply’ for immigration to Canada under one of the programs.

Candidates are then ranked based on their human capital, determined by factors such as age, level of education and language ability based on which Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) decide which candidates may be issued invitations to apply for permanent residence.

There are up to 600 points available under the system for a candidate’s core human capital and skills transferability factors. An additional 600 points will be given to anyone with a confirmed job offer in a skilled occupation, or a provincial nomination.
Under Express Entry, candidates need to register with Job Bank which is an online search engine for open job positions across Canada which helps match candidates with Canadian employers If an Express Entry candidate meets the job requirement of a Canadian employer her or she might be given an job offer letter. This in a great way can speed invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residency.

Need more information on Canada migration? Contact Migration department of Santa Monica study abroad pvt ltd.  Santa Monica has a dedicated Migration department headed by Canadian Immigration Attorneys and can prepare your immigration application reach us on -0484 -4140999 to fix a free counseling session.


Becoming a doctor is no more a dream – Study Medicine abroad @reputed Universities /colleges in western, European and Southeast Asian countries

Doctor in front of her team021_medical-symbol-free-vector-l

Pursuing medicine studies figure on top of every Indian student’s wish list; however, it is just a chosen few who are able to achieve their dreams due to highly competitive and tough entrance examinations, huge capitation fees, and dearth of adequate quality institutions for those who manage to get through the Entrance – which has led to many a broken dreams and seeking alternative career options. Though India through its 412 medical colleges produce over 45000 doctors annually, as per official figures released by Ministry of Health Government of India, there is only one doctor for every 1,700 citizens in India, clearly indicating that India faces huge dearth of doctors and would require about four lakhs more doctors by 2020 to reach the WHO mandated ratio of one doctor per 1,000 people.  The mammoth shortfall of doctors is not limited to India.  If one takes the WHO figure; the shortfall of doctors throughout the world is huge. Countries like United States, UK, and Australia also face a huge shortage which would reach alarming   proportion by 2020.

The option then lies in students to pursue their medicine studies abroad.

 Affordable destinations for Medicine studies abroad for Indian students

Students can pursue their dream of an internationally qualified medicine degree without the barriers of capitation fee, stricter entrance norms, and high study costs in countries such as Philippines, Bulgaria, Russia, China, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, etc.  However, the quality of studies varies across countries and institutions and hence students should selectively choose the institutions before they proceed on for their studies.


What should you look out for when choosing an institution?

Students should ideally look out for study destinations which have similar climatic conditions and disease patterns as India and a clinical exposure which aligns well with the disease conditions prevalent in India.  This gives students an extra edge when they come back to India and practice as a doctor.  Also, students should prefer more on proceeding to affordable English-speaking countries where language is not a barrier in communicating with the faculty as well as the patients during a clinical exposure.  This also removes the hassle of learning a foreign language to pursue their medicine studies.  The most important fact is to ensure that the institution they select appears in the approved list of WHO  and the medicine qualification offered by the institution is recognized by MCI.  Also it should be noted whether the medium of instruction is in English.

Medicine studies in advanced countries

 Opportunities are aplenty for the Indian students to pursue medicine program in USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, etc. ;however,  for a section of students it may prove to be a daunting task to get into established institutions in these countries owing to stricter entrance requirements and procedures and high cost of study and living, which may be beyond the reach of an average Indian.

Students should specifically understand the prevalent conditions and conduct due research and diligence about institutions and seek expert advice from experienced consultants.

Santa Monica has been working closely with well established institutions with world class facilities in Philippines, Bulgaria and China offering internationally recognized, WHO & MCI approved medicine degrees in English medium   and can surely help you identify your best option.

The team at Santa Monica has personally visited the institutions and have assessed their facilities and interacted with students before facilitating admissions to their associated institutions. For more details, please seek the advice of our experts in choosing the right destination for your medicine studies.  For more info contact us on 0484-4140999

*Kindly note that all foreign medical graduates wishing to pursue their medicine practice in India should mandatorily clear the MCI clearance test.