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5 Things to keep in mind before choosing an overseas education consultancy

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Overseas education is an excellent investment, when backed by proper knowledge and guidance. Choosing the right program and institution is the key. This is where the role of an overseas educational consultant comes in to play. Overseas study consultants, differ in their way of functioning, ethics, business models etc and differ in their size, presence and reach. Many of them have done a stellar job in guiding students in securing admissions to best colleges and institutions across the globe and have earned the trust of students and parents for their holistic services offered. However with the volume of students looking for overseas education increasing over the last few years, the number of overseas education consultants has mushroomed, few with questionable integrity have made their way to this segment, who are cashing on the gullibility of students and parents.

Here are few of the things which students and their parents should keep in mind, while engaging an overseas education consultant for their study abroad needs.

Know the credential of the consultant you are engaging

With endless number of consultants around, confirming the credibility of the consultancy is paramount.  A bit of research on the net  can be a great way to  verify the  experience of the consultant  , back ground of  its key personnel’s , recognition by  international education bodies, awards received, offer letter and visa success rates etc  which  all can indicate, how good a consultant is.

Expertise counts

Learning from ones mistakes are good, but when it comes to education this cannot be adopted.  It is advisable to work with agencies with an excellent track record of placing students in countries and institutions, one is looking for.  Familiarity with the country’s education system, grasp over institutions and program etc.  Their competence,  starting from admission processing  to pre departure guidance etc are highly crucial  factors, one should consider while selecting a consultancy.

Look for variety

A full-fledged consultancy is sure to have associations with a minimum number of reputable universities and colleges and would display the document of association at their premises. The caliber of a Overseas facilitator is evident when  they suggest programs  most apt for a student in terms of budget, attitude, aptitude etc  , rather than  going out of the way to sell  a particular institution, which is a sure sign that the consultancy is only interested in meeting their recruitment  target and not securing your career.

Transparency is the key

A reliable consultancy would be fair in its dealings. The information provided by them whether related to their associations, credibility of the institutions they represent, fees, refund policy etc would be passed on to you. Look for warning signals like guarantee of offer letters/ admission, assurance regarding scholarships, internships etc as these are purely based on your academic credentials. So stay clear of such agencies that are only here to rob you giving false promises.

 Clients say it all

Clients bear testimony to how good a consultancy is.  A satisfied student or parent is likely to speak highly of an agency and can recommend them to others. Look for such reviews, testimonials and recommendation, more the number of happy clients, stronger is their credibility.