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7 Simple tips to be better prepared for your Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE)


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Back home after an enriching medicine studies phase abroad?  So far excellent but the most crucial step lies ahead, which is clearing the foreign medical Graduate exam which is a licensure exam conducted by Medical Council of India through the National Board of Examinations (NBE) which is mandatory for citizens who have a primary medical qualification of any medical institute outside the country and want a provisional or permanent registration with MCI or any state medical council. The FMGE consists of a single paper, comprising 300 multiple choices questions, delivered in two parts, of 150 minutes each, to be taken in a single day.  Scoring a minimum of 50 % marks is required to clear this exam.

In spite of having secured top notch Medical education abroad, one is required to prepare for the exam with the same intensity shown during ones medical school days as there is no room for complacency at this stage. Let us discuss certain simple tips that would aid in your FMGE exam preparation.

  • Master the syllabus

Knowing the syllabus in depth is half the job done, as only a well targeted intensive study is going to yield desired result. Give equal importance to all the sections and avoid selective study at all cost Make sure you cover the entire syllabus. Do not pay heed to shortcut study methods like concentrating only on certain areas from where questions are expected, this is a type of gamble you cannot afford to take at this juncture.

  • Make your own notes

Though ample numbers of books are available in the market there cannot be an alternative to making own notes as these notes are your quick reference guide.  When exam preparation reaches its peak, one will not have the luxury of time to read entire portions. Moreover these small notes prepared after intensive reading sessions comes handy during revisions.

  • Work on your weak areas

Concentrating only on areas where you are strong and ignoring portions which are tuff and uninteresting and leaving it for the last minute is a fatal folly that many students commit.  This can affect ones strike rate and can make the difference between success and failure.  Identify areas where you feel your will not be able to score well under present situation.  Devote ample time studying this area, as leaving things to chances is not going to work in your favor. Remember that every singly mark counts in the end.

  • Be consistent in your revision

Revising the portions in a regular manner is important in ensuring that one is able to retrieve the information at the time of exam. The more you revise, better the chance of information getting imprinted in your memory. Since a huge volume of information is processed it is always desirable to go back and read the main points once, twice or thrice as time permits. Make sure your study pattern is in such a way that you have enough twice of completing at least two to three rounds of revision.

  • Attempt maximum number of MCQS

However hard you have studied, attempting an exam is a different ball game altogether which requires precision and speed to score well.  Attempt maximum number of MCQ questions from the portions which will give you a clear idea of the nature of questions one is likely to face and gives you a fair idea where you are scoring high and areas where you are losing out. This can help you not only improve your speed but can also help remedial measures to strengthen your weak areas .The more the number of practicing MCQS,  greater would be the chance of scoring high .

  • Attempt mock tests

Mock tests are great ways to check where you stand in terms of preparation. For those who have enrolled at a coaching centre mock test are a regular feature one should utilize to the optimum level.  There are many websites offering free mock tests where you can register with your email id and attempt a test with set time period.  It not only gives you a feel of attempting the exam but also tests your speed of attempting and gives you real time feedback as to how to improve your test taking under time constraints.

  • Refrain from using too many study resources

It is a wrong notion that larger the number of study material referred, greater the chance of scoring high, this is a fallacy and on the contrary will leave you confused and disoriented.  Make sure you use books by authoritative authors Do not make it a habit to change your books depending on feedback by friends or info that trickle in every now and then.  Remember, there is no book that guarantees total success it is how you utilize your limited study resources to your advantage that counts.

When it comes to success there can never be a short cut to hard work.  A well channelized effort when followed in a consistent manner is sure to yield result  So  stay positive, give your best shot  Success is not far behind.

Have  more queries?  feel free to contact Santa Monica Medicine studies Abroad  your trusted overseas medical education facilitator, representing  reputed Medical universities across the Globe. Reach us  on 0484-4140999 or visit our nearest office.

Relaxed work, residence rules- Europe all slated to become the most potent study abroad destination


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Europe has been attracting students from all over the world; the main reasons being the plethora of cost effective study programs offered by prestigious institutions of the region.  If these two were crucial factors that made students take a beeline for institutions of this region, with the European Union directive that eases work, residence rules for non EU students the number of students choosing Europe as a high value study destination is going to increase exponentially

What the directive means to an International student

  •  Brings uniformity in work and residence rules

The European Union in its efforts towards making its member countries International student friendly  has come in with this  uniform regulation pertaining to part-time jobs and  stay back for Non EU students and researchers. If one thought these developments would take years to materialize think twice.  A visa directive brought out this month mandates all EU member states within 2 years to allow non-EU students and researchers to work for a minimum of 15 hours a week while studying and to allow stay back period of nine months post-graduation to look for work or start their own business this is music to the ears of thousands of students who are optimistic about carving out a future in the conducive environment of Europe.

  • Allows family members to accompany and also work

The good news doesn’t end here; students pursuing research programs in EU countries would be allowed to bring in their family members who also would have the right to work.  This to a large extends takes the financial pressure off a student and would help family members earn to support the scholar during the course of his/her research stint.

  • Unhindered mobility across Europe

The directive also would do away with the tiresome process of obtaining visa to move from one EU country to another. This is a step that is being welcomed across the board as it will greatly benefit students who move to neighboring European countries for further studies or in search of better employment avenues.

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Study Medicine abroad – Become a world acclaimed Doctor


Becoming a doctor is a dream for many a young men and women, looking for a profession that is among the most respected, financially rewarding and attractive career choice in India. However the stark reality is that medical institutions in our country do not have the capacity to admit even 1/3rd of aspirants. The lucky ones, who manage to secure admissions often, complete their studies carrying huge financial debt.  All this at a time  when there  is a huge shortage of doctors in India, which according to the Parliamentary Standing Committee report on the Medical Council of India clearly states that perhaps there is only one doctor available for 2000 patients., an alarming figure when the WHO mandated ratio is 1:1000. The mammoth shortfall of doctors is not limited to India. If one takes the WHO figure; the shortfall of doctors throughout the world is huge. Countries like United States, UK, and Australia also face a huge shortage which would reach alarming proportion by 2020.

Given the tougher entrance requirements and subsequent cost factor involved, a growing number of medical aspirants are exploring options of studying Medicine abroad. Though USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc remain the first choice of students and parent seeking world class medical studies abroad , one should be realistic that it can be extremely challenging in term of time, fees and intellectual effort though the reward for the same is a flourishing medical career. Moreover to get admission in institutions of these countries, students have to undertake the Admission Tests. The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) or the Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT), Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test (GAMSAT) or MCAT (North American Medical College Admission Test and so on.

The Growing trend

   Cost effective MBBS/MD at world class universities of Europe and South East Asia

Several top notch medical institutions in  Europe and South east Asia are opening its door to Indian students for medicine studies, where medicine education is not only economical, the entrance  requirements are also less cumbersome, notwithstanding the excellent education system  and infrastructures that are truly international. Many European countries like Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Poland Armenia,  Latvia ,Lithuania, Denmark  and  Countries such as Philippines, China, Malaysia  have gained reputation  as  credible  overseas medical study destinations  with  many of the institutions  being  listed by WHO, IMED and other international medical bodies. There are a few good institutions in these countries that provide excellent world class facilities for medicine studies with advanced infrastructure and facilities, easy availability of cadavers for studies and clinical placements in hospitals. An Indian student on successful completion of course will have to appear in the MCI screening test for gaining registration which is mandatory for practicing in India

    What makes Medicine studies abroad attractive?

  • Earn Medical degrees which are highly rated all over the world.
  • Course curriculum  updated regularly as per inputs from latest research
  • State of the art infrastructure and  laboratories based on cutting edge technology (High tech laboratory facilities like Robotics surgery high fidelity human clinical simulator etc)
  • Multicultural environment with students from diverse nationalities
  • Fully fledged multi specialty hospitals for clinical practice
  • World class learning resources and highly experienced academics engaged in high end research
  • Highly applied teaching methodology with patient centered clinical training
  • Get placed in worlds best hospital and research institutions
  • Eligible for competency exams conducted by medical councils across the world

There are many medical institutions that cater to international students however, the onus lies on the students to identify the genuine institutions thorough fair bit of research and by seeking reference of earlier pass outs. It is always advisable to seek guidance of credible overseas education facilitators with strong experience in the domain.

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CANADA – Hot study Abroad destination with High employment and PR possibility



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If world class education, international exposure, excellent opportunities for further studies and employment is what  made  you  explore  the option  of studying abroad,  then Canada must be your natural choice.  Let us explore why?

  •  Top quality education at affordable rates

Canadian universities have set highest bench marks in offering education of highest quality with excellent research opportunities in fields such as telecommunications, medicine, agriculture, computer technology and environmental sciences etc  to mention a few,  hence it is no surprise that Canadian Universities consistently rank high in world University Rankings . If one believes, all this comes at a premium, one is in for a big surprise as tuition fees at Canadian institutions are lower than many developed countries like USA, UK etc along with  relatively low cost of living,  gaining  a Canadian qualification is no uphill task.

  • No dearth of Scholarships

If paucity of funds is stopping you from realizing your dream of studying in Canada, scholarships are aplenty to ease your financial woes, provided you have excellent academic records.  Canadian governments  both provincial and federal along with institutions offers a range of scholarships for deserving international students.

  • Excellent employment avenues

Owing to its strong economy and abundant natural resources to bank upon, Canada’s growth story in all possibility is likely to move unabated, creating great demand for skilled work force across all streams With excellent industry specific study programs, laying stress on practical aspects, getting a job is not going to be much of a problem for anyone who has completed his/her studies in Canada.

  • Enhances Possibility of migrating 

Studying in Canada undoubtedly is your best route towards getting a Permanent Residency status and settling in Canada, as international students can apply for permanent residency while remaining in Canada. International students studying at government approved institutes gets 3 years stay which helps them gain ample work experience and proceed with PR formalities while remaining in Canada

  • Excellent Quality of Life

When it comes to overall quality of life Canada comes as a natural choice, little surprise that the country has been consistently voted as the best place to live by United Nations Organization. With health care and education receiving highest priority from the Government, world class medical facilities are accessible to all Canadian citizens in majority of province so is the case of education Canada is of the most peaceful countries of the world, something thing which is sure to soothe to the nerves of Parents and International students on the lookout for a tranquil study abroad period in Canada

  • Multicultural Environment

No matter from which ever part  of the world you are from  ,one  will feel at home as  Canada offers  a multicultural environment with people of all religions, races,  ethnicity and backgrounds The campus itself would have students from different parts of the world  offering a cosmopolitan environment to learn different cultures attitude etc which will, go a long way in molding one in to a global professional  amidst all these cultural potpourri  getting  ethnic and traditional Indian foods  would not be a problem at all as  most Canadian  institutions have associations and clubs of international students especially Indians, where all most all national festivals and days are celebrated with pomp and Glory.

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6 main reasons to choose New Zealand for your overseas studies


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It is one of the most favored shooting locations for Bollywood films, agreed.  It’s a great cricketing nation, no big revelation.  It’s famous for Kiwi fruit and milk products but there is more to New Zealand than mesmerizing locations and flora and fauna. New Zealand is one of the best destination to pursue your studies abroad Read on as we list some of the top reasons to study in New Zealand.

  •  Quality of education

New Zealand education is a rich blend of time tested traditional principles with innovation. New Zealand has a robust education system comprising of institutes of technologies, polytechnics, universities and private colleges, offering qualifications ranging from vocational certificates to doctoral degrees. New Zealand institutions ranks high in world education rankings and have been rated among the best in the world. Getting a New Zealand qualification is sure to set you up for a promising career.

  • Wide ranging opportunities for study and research

New Zealand has a well developed university system that is highly student-centered with institutions offering niche programs along with conventional disciplines like arts, science, Business law etc. Though all programs offered in New Zealand are top notch, Masters in Civil / Earth quake engineering, MBA program with 3 months internships, Dual diploma programs in quantity surveying & construction management are some of the hot programs one can pursue with internships.

  • Dream destination to explore

New Zealand is a traveler’s paradise with splendid locations to explore.  From snow clad mountains to vast open plains and long stretch of green farmlands, New Zealand never fails to mesmerize.  For the adventure freak in you, excellent opportunities are available to indulge in adrenaline gushing adventure activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, zip lining , caving, canoeing  etc to mention a few.

  • Excellent Employment prospects

With a stable economy, jobs are to be had for International students on completion of their studies.  There are high demand for Engineers, IT Professionals, accountants, chefs, financial advisers and marketing professionals.  International students studying in New Zealand also have the opportunity to work while they study. Students may be permitted to work up to 20 hours each week during study periods or full time on the holidays,  depending on their programs of study, which can help them gain valuable work experience that boost employment prospects. After graduation, one can look forward to working in New Zealand by applying for a post-study work visa or permanent residency.

  • Easy entry requirements

Compared to many other countries, gaining entry to New Zealand institutions is not a tedious job provided you have a well written Statement of Purpose and other supporting documents in place Students with average marks can  also  gain entry to most Bachelor degree programs as there are ample number of seats at each institutions spread across New Zealand. Unlike other countries students intending to study in New Zealand need not pay their tuition fees upfront.   They only need to pay it once their visa is approved.

  • Affordable tuition fees and cost of living

Tuition fees in New Zealand institutions are the lowest among developed countries. Major universities and institutes in New Zealand offer highly subsidized hostel accommodation. Apart from university offered accommodations, various affordable accommodation options like paying guest facilities are available for international students which are highly safe. If food is a cause of concern for you there are many restaurants in New Zealand that serve food at decent rates.  Even combo meals are offered keeping student community in mind. Also with a decent accommodation in place, many of the young international students are seen to cook their own meals which can bring down your living cost drastically.  As an international student one is expected to rely heavily on Public transport which is moderately charged in New Zealand.  Carrying your tertiary ID can get up to 40% off on all Travel which is quite encouraging if you in tend to explore this beautiful country.

Made up your mind on Studying in New Zealand?  look no further,  Santa Monica study Abroad Pvt. Ltd,  your trusted overseas educational consultant Cochin is a Education New Zealand recognized agency (ENZRA) with over 15 years experience in facilitating admissions to New Zealand institutions is here to help you pick that perfect New Zealand University / colleges that suits your career goals. Feel free to visit your nearest office of Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd.,Kochi or reach us on 0484-4140999.


What makes Germany an irresistible study abroad destination



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Ever wondered why year after year hordes of young sharp brains from different nationalities flock to German universities for their higher studies, well with a  history of offering world class education spanning across centuries the reasons are sure to be  plentiful  Let us have a look at few of them here.

  • Matchless Reputation

The quality of Germany higher education system is evident from its consistent top positions in world education rankings. The superior quality of education offered with industry centric courses and excellent scope for research with focus on practical’s; ensure that employers  across the world rate these qualifications very highly.

  • Cost effective study destination

A vast majority of German universities and colleges on account of being financed by the state do not charge any tuition fees. Though there are plans at introducing tuition fees for International students with regard to affordability, Germany would still remain your best choice in Europe considering the quality aspect. The cost of living also remains considerably low with special discounts and students benefits or food, lodging transportation etc making Germany an affordable study abroad destination.

  • Endless option with regard to institutions and programs  

With more than 300 higher education institutions across the country, offering over 10000 programs in diverse streams ranging from arts, science, Engineering, IT etc gives students endless options to choose the university and program of his liking.

  • Scholarships and financial support in plenty

German educational institutions are known to nurture talent by offering various scholarships and financial support for the deserving students with merit being the sole criteria. So if you are a hard working student, exhibiting overall excellence in studies, finance can never come in your way of pursuing studies abroad.

  • A great opportunity to experience rich Germany history and culture

Germany is not all about studies it has lot to offer to those who have a penchant to explore its rich history and culture. There are number museums, particularly those that specialize in art and history that tells the story of Germany its history that includes the two world wars which changed the course of history  In Germany one does not see history,  in fact one lives.

  • No language problems  

To study in Germany, one need to know German is nothing but an archaic notion.  German Universities and colleges with the intention of catering to International students have ensured that most programs, where international students seek admission; the medium of instruction is English. positive news to students across the world who were deprived of Germany education due to the language barrier.

  • Excellent job opportunities

Germany being a country with a strong economy with key sectors on an upward growth trajectory, offers excellent job opportunities to students post study. During studies an International students can work a total of 120 full or 240 half days per year which apart from helping one earn a tidy amount can help to gain valuable work,  that would come handy in Securing a high paying job in Germany It is an highly encouraging fact that about 50 percent of international students who complete their studies finds  job in Germany which means embarking to study in Germany will not only get you world class education but also can pay way for a secure career.

Decided on studying in Germany but do not know where to start,  leave it to Santa Monica study Abroad Pvt. Ltd your trusted Overseas educational consultant Cochin with over 15 years experience in facilitating admissions to Germany institutions is  here to help  you  pick  that  perfect Germany University / colleges that suits  your career goals. Feel free to visit your nearest office of Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd.,Kochi or reach us on 0484-4140999.

Study in UK @ London south bank University-One of the largest and oldest Universities in the UK


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Looking to Study in the UK ? London  South Bank university comes as a natural choice  as it  is one of London’s largest and oldest universities offering vocationally-relevant, accredited and professionally recognized education since 1892 with over 18,000 students drawn from over 130 countries. The university is located close to some of London’s most famous landmarks such as Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and Buckingham Palace, among others. So what make London South Bank University figure on top of many an international student’s  study abroad  wish list? Here are the answers.


  • Teaching and learning excellence

 London South Bank University has received the highest possible rating for the quality of education its academic staffs delivers and the impressive range of professional expertise they offer. The universities innovative curriculum is extremely industry centric and ensures that on passing out the individual is job ready.

  • Real-world courses

Teaching at LSBU is highly practice oriented and many courses offer work experience opportunities. With strong employer links and numerous partnerships, all courses at London South Bank University are professionally accredited or developed in partnership with relevant professional bodies.

  • Scholarships and fee discounts

London South Bank university  offer a wide range of scholarships and discounts for international students including Nationality Scholarships, fee-discounts etc, the University has committed over £1m in financial support to help well-qualified students from outside the EU  to meet their study costs.

  • First-class facilities

Whatever be the choice of course LSBU has the facilities to fully support it be it the  state of the art skills laboratories, workshops, media centre, theatre, library or Learning Resources Centre all  appropriate technologies and expert support are available  to complete your study experience.

  • Workplace experience

Practical session at LSBU  is specially designed to create scenarios students find in the workplace. Health students  for example get to use sophisticated skills laboratories, with life-like hospital wards, simulated patients and a radiography-testing suite with the latest 3-D imaging.

  • Building career success and entrepreneurial talent

London South Bank University’s dedicated Careers Service helps students find work placements and jobs with top blue chip companies, public companies and voluntary organizations. The career cell at London South Bank University help students find suitable full-time and part-time work  experience, placements and temporary and vocational work  supported by experienced and dedicated advisers and placement officers.

  • Future careers

London South Bank University graduates have found success in all kinds of industries, from arts and media to nursing, law, finance, and engineering. The courses are based on what the Industry wants The Times University Guide 2016 shows that LSBU are the No. 1 London Modern University for graduate starting salaries, and that they are Top 10 London University for graduate prospects. To find out more about programs at LSBU please Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd authorized representative of LSBU on 0484-4140999 or walk in to your nearest Santa Monica branch.

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Study in Singapore- The Global education hub of Asia


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Singapore is unquestionably one of  the most sought after study destination of Asia owing to its excellent educational system.  It stands tall as a Global education hub offering world class study programs to International students. Singapore’s competitive education offers international student’s great value for money as it allows one to obtain a recognized international degree in diverse streams ranging from Information technology, engineering, finance, media studies, law to mention a few, without having to travel  all the  way to USA, UK Or Australia.  Is Singapore the right choice for you?  Here are top reasons why there can’t be a better one.

  • Excellent quality of education    

Singapore is  education  powerhouse of  Asia and the world. Singapore is known to maintain high standards of teaching and learning. Apart from six national universities, many premier foreign universities have set up their campuses in Singapore, imparting quality education at affordable fees. The strong academic collaborations between Singaporean and foreign institutions have contributed significantly in enhancing the overall quality and global credibility of the programs, a reason why Singapore figures prominently in the world education ranking.

  •  Affordability factor

Affordability without compromising on the quality of education is what makes Singapore stand out as a popular study abroad destination. International students have the option to join world class programs  offered by premier institutions  in  the USA ,UK etc  in their Singapore  campuses.  Being geographically close to India also means economical air fares, cheap telephone calls which brings down your  overall expenditure on education significantly.

  • Stable Economy   

Singapore has one of the most competitive economies of the world which has performed comparatively well under the prevailing economic climate, its global trade and investment continues to provide a solid basis for its economy, which is promising news for number of International students currently pursuing various programs in Singapore.

  • World class Infrastructure and connectivity 

When it comes to infrastructure and connectivity Singapore has few parallels. Singapore is well connected via sea and air.  Its state of the art transportation system is rated as the best in the world. With excellent telephone and internet penetration you are never too far from your loved ones.

  • Vibrant city life

Though of comparatively small size, Singapore is known as a global city with truly world class  infrastructure.   Its towering skylines,  built-up environment  and  beautiful landscapes  are truly  mesmerizing  The city’s-never  ending buzz and energy  with never-fading  fun and festivities makes Singapore a spell bounding destination that  is sure to  keep  everyone enchanted.

  • Excellent Industrial attachment/ internship programs on offer

The ‘Industrial Attachments’ or internships programs which is normally of 5-6 months duration are great opportunities to gain some valuable work experience and makes one entitled to  a stipend This period though of short nature would go a long way in developing the basic skills necessary and at the same time would make one get acclimatized to the work environment of Singapore.

  • Excellent job prospects

Though geographically a small country, Singapore  is home to a large number of Multinational Corporation offering excellent job opportunities to bright international students. Singapore with its strong Manufacturing, Construction, Tourism,  Retail and  Healthcare industry is expected perform comparatively well in the coming years which is positive news for International students.

Looking to study in Singapore, look no further Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd with over 15 years experience in facilitating overseas admissions in Singapore is here to help pick your perfect Singapore University / college that meet your unique preferences.  Feel free to visit your nearest office of Santa Monica Study Abroad Pvt. Ltd. or reach us on 0484-4140999.