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What makes U.S the most popular overseas study destination?


The U.S education system stands tall and has no parallels, quite an understatement considering the clear superiority of its universities and colleges and the sheer volume of international students who enroll at its top universities/colleges year after year.  Now, what is it that makes U.S the most coveted study abroad destination in the world? Let us try to understand why

  •  Bench mark of excellence in academics

The United States undoubtedly has the world’s finest university systems, offering a wide array of programs in diverse field’s right from undergraduate to post graduate levels. The education system is so meticulously designed that students have ample opportunity to engage in practical learning and research, seeking guidance from some of the best minds in the respective domain, a reason why its universities consistently fare at top 10 positions in World University rankings.

  • Excellent research environment

For the research inclined, there cannot be a better destination than the US.  The best part is that U. S institutions offer an environment that is extremely conducive for research of all forms. Stipends are of great help to manage academic expenses and in meeting personal needs. Tuition fee waivers in certain cases ensure that one doesn’t have to face any financial difficulty in pursuing research. With free flow of funds and grants from the federal government and multinational corporations U.S universities are best positioned to facilitate path breaking research projects.

  • Cutting edge technology to aid education

U.S is at the forefront of technological innovation. As an  overseas student Studying in the U.S brings one  in contact with cutting edge technology that aid education and research significantly. One will find ways to stay connected with researchers, teachers and experts in ones field all over the world and develop the competitive edge required of a global professional.

  •  Academic Flexibility

Though highly structured in terms of coursework requirements Students at U.S Universities get a wide variety of course choices of their liking.  One has the liberty to specialize in the area of choice and may extend course completion schedule in such a manner as to devote more time for research

  • Prompt Support Services for International Students

International student office of American colleges and universities are known for helping international student to adapt to a totally new environment and are ever willing to help students in their academic, financial, immigration, personal and social issues throughout the study period.

  • Vibrant campus life

American campuses are full of activity all year long. There are ample opportunities to Socialize through student clubs, to volunteer in the community, play a sport or take part up academic contests. Having students from virtually all parts of the world make U.S campuses the melting pot of all cultures, which goes a long way in developing a global perspective in students.

  • Excellent Career Prospects

U.S educated professionals are most sought by employees the world over owing to the quality of the education pursued.  Most of the students land up lucrative job opportunities on completion of their studies in U.S and different parts of the world.  It is common to see that most international students get absorbed by the same company where they had spend their OPTS period

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8 reasons to choose UK for your overseas studies


The very mention of United Kingdom evoke images of castles, cathedrals, palaces and all the pomp and grandeur associated with it. United Kingdom is deep rooted in history and tradition which continues to mesmerize with its age old charm even in this age of modernity.  United kingdom is not all history and tradition, it is home to some of the oldest and most prestigious universities of the world like Oxford,Cambridge, St Andrews, Edinburgh, to mention a few. Though there is no match to the antiquity of these institutions, there are over 3,000 universities offering programs ranging from liberal arts to engineering, IT, management, applied sciences to international students.

Every year thousands of International students choose UK as their overseas study destination, when options are quite a plenty, let us explore why.

  •  Matchless reputation of UK institutions

UK institutions enjoys stellar reputation for academic excellence and regularly rank high in higher education rankings, whether be it The Times’ Higher Education Rankings or the QS World Rankings. Higher the ranking of your institution greater will be acceptability worldwide.

  • Internationally recognized Courses & Qualifications

Owing to the stringent quality parameters, courses and the qualifications offered by UK institutions are rated highly by employers around the world. A pass out from a top UK university /institution gets excellent employment avenues with handsome remuneration and opportunity for career growth.

  • Economical destination when compared to   US and Australia

The UK is the most economical study destination when compared to USA and Australia   whether it is in terms of tuition fees and living costs. Even the financial proof requirement for a UK visa is well below what one will have to furnish for US or Australia.

  • Excellent choices of institutions

Studying in the United Kingdom gives you a myriad of options.  As far as institutions are concerned right from the big names from Oxford, Edinburgh to Cambridge. There are hundreds of reputed institutions that cater the best of programs in diverse streams which fits interest , aptitude and budget of the students.

  •  Part time work opportunities

UK student visa allows an international student to work 20 hours per week, which offers one, ample opportune to earn a tidy amount as pocket money to manage day to day expense  or for  paying up ones tuition fees and other study related expenses  the amount earned  doing odd jobs may not be that huge it  may not be that trivial  either, considering that UK has a minimum wage legislation.

  • Presence of large international Student Population

The UK has a large number of   international student populations, which is increasing every year. International students make up a significant percentage what better opportunity to experience diverse culture, manners, traditions etc. The presence of large number of Indian students offer familiar and homely environment which to a large extend would make you feel at home away from home.

  • Zero language barriers

Though you are moving  to a totally new destination with different people and culture   unlike other countries one doesn’t have to undergo the pressure to learn a new language, since everybody speaks English, striking a conversation with a local, straightaway would not be a problem at all.  Thought there might be accent and slang difference that is not going to be much of a cause of worry.

  • Get pampered with discounts

As a Student in the UK there will be no dearth of discounts you get it everywhere right from retail stores to cinemas and cafes   provided you carry your student ID card before billing. Each pound saved is a pound earned when you are living on a shoe string budget.

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Study Medicine in Russia- The Medical Education Hub of the world


Looking for an ideal study destination to pursue your medicine studies abroad?  Russia comes as a natural choice as it has carved a niche for itself for providing world class medical education at affordable rates to students from the world over, especially from India. Russia has over 48 medical colleges with more than 17,000 doctors imparting medical education. As many as 30 medical institutions figure in the list of top medical institutions of the world. These universities and institutes offer state of the art facilities to international students. The student to teacher ratio in these medical institutions, at 7:1 is a very healthy ratio as compared to other countries.  The mode of instruction is highly practice oriented in English language for international students. Regular tests and examinations of the most stringent nature ensure the quality of the pass outs.

What makes Russia an ideal medicine study destination of the world? , well the reasons are manifold 

  • Easy accessible geographic location
  • Internationally accredited universities
  • Degree recognized by WHO, UNESCO, IMED and recognized all over Europe
  • No entrance exams
  • Simple application and admission procedure
  • Experienced faculties with international exposure
  • Broad exposure ensured through clinical practices and medical trainings
  • Proven high quality of education and excellent academic standards
  • Advanced teaching facilities
  • State of the art facilities
  • Possibility of studying in English
  • Several opportunities for clinical exposure at university run hospitals
  • Affordable tuition fees and living expenses
  • Highly safe environment for international students
  • Excellent employment  prospects across the world

How much will it cost?

In Russia, medical education is highly subsidized.  The tuition fees are generally from 3 Lacs onwards per year, though this may vary from university to university. Living expense for a student with normal life style would be anything from Rs 80,000 inr per year. The tuition fees and living expense for the entire course duration is just a fraction of the amount, one might otherwise spend on medical education, back in one’s home country.

Admission season

The admission season for medical universities in Russia is generally from January – June with admission deadline falling on 30th of June.

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Easy tips to excel in Pearson Test of English Exam


Pearson Test of English (PTE) has earned reputation as a reliable English language proficiency test accepted globally, that assesses an individual’s speaking, writing, reading and listening skills in English language. As an English language proficiency test, PTE is fast gaining popularity among test takers.  Being a fully computer based test, it is comparatively easier and also that, there is no long wait for results, as it is generally declared in a matter of days. However, it is common to find that many test takers take undue pressure while taking the test which can adversely affect their score irrespective of their level of preparation. All one needs to be is little organized and attentive to succeed in this test with excellent scores.

Here are some easy tips that will help you crack the PTE exam successfully

  • Have a clear idea about the pattern of the test

How can you expect to perform when you don’t know what to expect in the tests. Getting to know the details of the test is the first thing to do. PTE online practice test are available, which offers real time experience of taking the test.  At the end of the mock test, you will get your score based on which you can assess your weak areas and plan your preparations accordingly.

  • Exhaustive Preparation is the key  

Since the PTE, tests candidates reading, writing, speaking, listening abilities, an exhaustive preparation pattern needs to be followed as selective preparation is not going to serve any purpose.  Make sure you dedicate equal time for every exam area even if you feel that you are strong in that particular area as it is generally seen that test takers due to over confidence, tend  neglect a certain areas  and as a result end up scoring dismally in that  area. Practice and more practice is the manta to scoring well.

  •  Work on your grammar part

To put it simple, you have very little chance of clearing the PTE or in that case any English language proficiency test if you are dismal with your grammar,  as your strength in grammar is tested in both writing and speaking section.  So make sure you brush up your grammar.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to attend an English coaching centre before attempting PTE.

  • Do not take the listening test lightly

This is a common mistake, majority of test takers make, as they feel that listening doesn’t need much effort when actually it does. Test takers tend to take the listening tests for granted. Keep in mind you will have only a single chance to listen to the audio tapes.   Make sure you listen to the tape with 100 % concentration so that you don’t end up with low scores on account of your complacency.

  • Get feedback from people who have already taken the test

Talking to friends or acquaintances who have already taken the PTE test would be a great idea as you will get firsthand account at how it feels to take the test, what are the mistakes that one should avoid while taking the test. Though test takers have different approach they will be able to give you at least some tips that might come handy in your PTE attempt.

Though there are many tips to help you perform well in the PTE exam, it goes without saying that remaining calm and composed will pay rich dividend while attempting the test.

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9 Frequently asked questions about studying abroad




Studying abroad is unarguably a crucial investment both in terms of time and money and hence parents and students put in all efforts to ensure that nothing is left to chance.  In such a circumstance, having questions is quite common and normal. Though these may vary case by case, some of the frequently asked questions are as follows. 

1 What are the benefits of studying Abroad?

World class education helps you to shape your career successfully in the global market. An international qualification is recognized around the globe. Studying abroad gives you a chance to network with global citizens and work under multinationals. It provides you a platform to familiarize yourself with the global market demands and enhance your career prospects.

2 Which are the popular countries for pursuing higher studies abroad?

UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are most preferred for higher studies in IT, Engineering,

Accounting, Business, Hospitality, Nursing, etc, While USA tops for IT studies, engineering qualifications earned from Germany, Sweden and Norway are gaining global attention. Singapore is increasingly becoming popular for cost-effective western university qualifications. Countries like Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Latvia, and Lithuania Poland Hungary Malaysia Philippines offer quality and cost effective courses in medicine studies.

3 What are the different ways of financial support for my studies abroad?

The different methods to support your studies abroad are: Education loans, Sponsorship by individuals / organization; Scholarships by Indian/foreign governments, private trusts and also individual universities.

4  What are the post study job prospects available abroad?

Most countries offer stay-back options for students to explore job opportunities on successful Completion of their studies.  The Coops and internships during the study help the students to network and search for employment opportunities after the completion of the course. Countries such as Canada, Sweden, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, etc. encourage students to stay back and explore job and PR opportunities after their successful study and few years of work/stay in the family can accompany you for your studies; however, the work rights for your dependents are subject to the laws of that country which may change from time to time.

5 What services can I expect from a overseas education consultant/facilitator?

Experienced and trusted consultants like Santa Monica provide candid counseling in choosing the right study options as well as assist you in applying to the institutions of your choice, getting offers, availing bank loans and scholarships, payment of tuition fees, visa documentation, pre-departure guidance and domestic (police clearance certificate, air tickets, money exchange) and international

Support (airport pick up, temporary accommodation, job search, community connections, legal issue helps, etc) to help ensure you have a smooth transition.

6 What should I do if the institution rejects my application for a particular Program?

If an institution rejects your application, you can re-attempt to apply for a suitable program matching your profile in the same institutions itself with more supporting documents or choose an alternative option in other institutions where your profile would be eligible.

7  What are the options available in case my visa is rejected: Will I incur any financial loss?

In the event your visa is being rejected, you can resubmit your application by providing explanations and documentations to alleviate the concerns raised by the High commission/embassy. Your visa fees are non-refundable but most institutions do refund the tuition fees already remitted to them, after deducting nominal Administrative charges, which is usually mentioned in the offer letter or in the concerned institution’s website. The consultant can assist you for claiming the refund of your tuition fees from the institutions.

8  Can I visit my home during my studies abroad?

Most countries allow students to visit their home country during vacations. If you have a multiple entry visa you would be allowed to visit your home during your study period easily.

9  Why are the entrance tests/proficiency tests important requirements to   Study/migrate abroad?

All the western countries insist that the students belonging to non-English speaking countries should be able to handle the English language fluently while studying in their country for English taught program. English language proficiency is therefore an important requirement to assess your visa application and hence we would recommend having English language proficiency scores. English Language Tests: Pearson’s PTE Academic (PT)/IELTS/TOEFL are the most common English language proficiency tests accepted by the institutions and immigration authorities across the world. Please check individual institution/official immigration department website for their requirements.

For MBA/Engineering studies in many countries Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) standardized test used to get admissions in various graduate schools or business graduate schools in various English speaking countries, especially the United States. Graduate Management admission Tests (GMAT) scores are used by graduate business schools to make admission decisions.

Still have questions?  please feel free to walk in to your nearest branch of Santa Monica study Abroad Pvt. ltd., your trusted overseas education facilitation with over 13 years of experience in the domain, facilitating admission to over 200 universities/institutions to 20 + countries.

Education loans to materialize your study abroad dreams


As more and more Indians are opting to study abroad, funding of studies becomes an important requirement and thankfully, of late Indian Banks have come to the rescue of students in fulfilling their dreams of gaining an international degree. Banks usually provide an amount of up to Rs. 25 lakhs as education loan to cover the tuition fee, library and laboratory fees, cost of books and instruments required during the course, air fare, living expense, insurance premium, etc; however, the disbursement of loans is at the discretion of banks/bank managers. It is always ideal for students to avail Education loans from nationalized banks which are recognized by the Immigration Authorities in countries like UK, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

The loans are offered with a moderate interest rate allowing enough time to pay back (normally over a period of 5 to 7 years) after one year of studies or six months of getting employed, based on various factors and subject to providing securities equivalent to the amount availed.

Documents required for applying for an education loan includes: Signed and completed Application form, PP size photographs, Photo-ID of the co-applicant if any, Residence proof of the applicant and co-applicant, Academic documents of the student, proof of admission to the course/scholarship/foreign exchange permit, estimation of expenditure of entire period of study and financial documents which include 8 months bank statement of the applicant and co-applicant, Income proof, proof for collaterals – Immovable property (flat, House, Non-agricultural land, etc).

Some of the banks offering Education loans for higher studies: Andhra bank, Axis bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Bank of Maharashtra, Central bank of India, HDFC bank, HSBC bank, IDBI bank, Karnataka bank, Oriental bank of commerce, Punjab and Sindh bank, Punjab National Bank, Allahabad bank, SBI, SBT, State bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, State Bank of Mysore, Syndicate bank, Canara bank, Vijaya bank, etc. Many overseas educational consultants like Santa Monica have special arrangements with Banks to support the student in facilitating the preliminary documentation and ensuring a timely and hassle-free loan disbursement. Santa Monica has set up a Special help desk for students seeking Bank Loan assistance to guide the students appropriately regarding the procedures and documentation required for availing bank loans for education.

** The details above are to be taken as a general rule followed by the banks and are subject to    change from bank to bank and from time to time.

6 ways to earn money while studying abroad


Study abroad phase is undoubtedly an exciting phase in anybody’s life. With sizable investment being made, one is likely to feel the pinch. And moreover, pestering parents for additional money is the last thing, one would have on mind. So what is the solution? Obviously finding ways to earn a few bucks for your pocket money and other expenses, let us see how.

1.  Find a tutoring opportunity

For Students with good academic standing, one of the best ways to earn money is through tutoring students having difficulty with their studies. One doesn’t have to hunt for tutoring jobs elsewhere, as many of your juniors itself, would be in search of someone to help them with their studies.  Tutoring opportunities not only earn money, it can help you improve your own studies.

2.  Find a Part-Time Job

Managing work alongside studies can be quite a demanding task. But for those who can handle it with proper time management and prioritization, part time work can provide handsome rewards financially and can add valuable work experience. However, make sure your job does not stretch that far, where you are compromising your studies and putting your health in the back-burner.

3.  Take up summer jobs

Summer vacations are real time to cash in as international student. In majority of overseas study destinations, students can work for unlimited hours, as number of seasonal businesses, require increased work force during this seasons. There is huge demand for workers during this period. Usually such vacancies come up in restaurants, amusement parks; catering services etc as these businesses are at its peak during summer vacations.

4. Freelance

Freelancing is one of the best ways for international students to garner money during their study abroad period. Internet in a great way has enhanced avenues for freelancers, with scores of freelance site offering jobs and projects in diverse areas. All that one requires is to create an account on these sites. One can bid for a particular work through the site.  With regard to payment, as most credible freelance site has escrow arrangement, which means that a particular payment remains in an escrow account for the service provider.  So there is very little chance of fraud. There are number of students studying abroad who are making considerable amount per month through freelancing. This not only helps you earn money, it also helps you build valuable work experience.

5. Look for Promotional and on-Campus Jobs

With companies requiring promotional activities round the year,  there are ample number of jobs available for international students as volunteers for promotional  events,  pamphlet distributors, product promotion assistants at public places , supermarkets etc, which provide  a tidy amount. Apart from promotional jobs, on campus jobs can be a possible earning opportunity.  Though the remuneration would be no match considering what outside job offer, one can have a steady job throughout the study period, without having to travel much for work, plus university jobs are relatively easy which you can  take along with ease.

6.  Try your hands at business of small scale

Most of us just require a spark to exhibit our business acumen, though not of mammoth proportion but surely one that can help earn a tidy amount. One of the best options would be to organize stalls at small events to sell your wares. It wouldn’t also be a bad idea to try your hands at events, by hosting birth day parties, get together etc, fully adhering to the rules and regulations of the host country.

Your Study abroad phase need not be fully dependent on money from home. As with the right attitude, networking, time management and prioritization; one can effortlessly do part time jobs while studying abroad and earn money. So do not just limit your study abroad phase for studies, master the art of becoming self reliant from day one.