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Reasons to study in New Zealand

New Zealand has a good reputation as a hub of high-quality education offering excellent career opportunities while providing the right support services in a safe learning environment. New Zealand is a unique country, scenic, young & vibrant. It’s a safe and welcoming community with a world-class reputation for harbouring cutting-edge research and creative ambition. It’s open, warm and outgoing. No wonder this country is an attractive destination for international students.


New Zealand has several types of higher education institutions: Universities, Colleges, Private institutions and Polytechnics. Most of New Zealand’s Universities and Institutions are internationally recognized, ranked and accepted. New Zealand’s qualifications are highly regarded & desired by employers across the world. It’s noteworthy that all the 8 New Zealand Universities have found their place in the QS World Rankings.


The majority of courses are offered in English. New Zealand’s national education system is based and inspired by the British education system. Research by many independent  authorities indicates that academically New Zealand students are ranked amongst the top in the world.


Of course, when we speak about New Zealand, it’s important to mention their awesome weather. New Zealanders are well-known for their affable natures, and their open attitude and acceptance of outsiders. As we all know New Zealand ranks second in Global Peace Index.


One major reason why New Zealand is considered a perfect overseas education destination by Indian students is their comparatively low annual tuition fees and low cost of living. Students can work while studying to meet their living expenses and also get experience by doing so. With student visa, students are permitted to work 20 hours weekly during the study and full time during scheduled holidays. There are many part-time opportunities available in the booming sectors like retail, hospitality, banking, finance etc. Some of the recent labour policies of government are favourable for students aiming to study overseas. Even their visa policies allow one to support their spouses while continuing education. Part-time work facility and three-year open work permit help an individual to seek a supporting job and later improve his PR possibilities.


Obtaining PR depends on many factors and mainly on acquiring the required points. A student who does his masters degree  will get 80 points for that, which is 50 % of the required total points. Then a person who falls into the 20 to 39 age bracket will fetch another 30 points. A job offer of 30 hrs in a week will fetch 50 points more, which easily makes them eligible for PR application. If the job is outside Auckland city that will fetch another 30 bonus points.


Another major reason  is the return on investment, which is very high. Even Visa policies  support spouses of expats to continue their education. And to live in one of the cleanest and most beautiful countries in the world itself is a blessing.


One more attraction is a fact that New Zealand serves as a gateway to Australia. Those who have studied in New Zealand and hold a PR can easily migrate to Australia. There is a Trans -Tasman Agreement between these two nations, which allows for the free movement of citizens of these countries to the other. So those who are looking for a bigger country with bigger opportunities can make use of this facility. Having said that though monetary benefits and career growth is more in Australia there are people coming back to Newzealand from Australia for a better peaceful life.


The choice is yours.



About Ms. Nicy Binu, Director, Santamonica Study Abroad


With over a decade’s experience in international education, Ms Nicy Binu is the brain behind Santamonica’s overseas student program and has steered the organization to a position where it figures today among the prominent overseas education facilitators in India. You may contact her at +91 6282 903 703 for overseas education queries and doubts.


Study in New Zealand– Get future ready

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This island country, located in the South Pacific ocean, encompassing two main islands north Island and south Island and several smaller islands surrounding them is known the world over for its zest for adventure and fun, and can boast of some of the world’s most picturesque locations that have become part of many top bollywood blockbuster’s.  New Zealand has much more to offer than mere idyllic locations. New Zealand has a flourishing economy with exports playing a major part.  Chief item of export include agricultural and horticultural products, fishing, forestry and mining.

When it comes to offering quality education, New Zealand is recognized Global leaders more over New Zealanders are a welcoming community which makes international students feels safe and secure. The cost of living is much lower compared to other countries. The education system is based traditionally on the British model; the university learning system is research based ensuring high quality learning. The Universities and institutes of technology are government funded and focus on research based learning and maintains strong links with industry which is study in New Zealand is becoming popular among students. Cost effective industry endorsed programs with cutting edge research opportunities are available for Engineers- Civil, mechanical, Electrical, Electronic etc. New Zealand has worked up some serious reputation for its courses on Horticulture, Viticulture, wine sciences, food technology and veterinary science and more.


Scholarships are aplenty for eligible students. These are offered by institutions themselves government industry bodies or social organizations New Zealand Ministry of education provides a range of scholarships for students pursuing tertiary studies in New Zealand. Scholarships can be applied for at different education levels from Diploma to masters programs though may vary in what they cover, like some scholarships for study aboard in New Zealand like some scholarships only include tuition fees, while others include complete course costs and part of one’s living expenses also.

With regard to part time work rights students are permitted to work 20 hours per week (40 Hours during vacation) for courses above level 8 and few selected courses spouses are eligible for full time work permit  post study students are eligible for a 12 months graduate job search visa.

Meet representatives from 27+ top notch institutions from New Zealand and gain valuable information on how to pursue a course of your choice in New Zealand, visit New Zealand education fair 2017@ Hotel Taj Gateway on Friday the 28th of April 2017.  The event is supported by Education New Zealand (A crown entity of New Zealand government The entry is free for students. The education fair timing is from 10 am -5 Pm. For registration and more information please call on 04844140999.