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Singapore- A promising Asian study destination

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Beyond the traditional International study destination like Canada, Australia, New Zealand US,  UK etc there is a growing and changing landscape of mobility of Indian students to certain Asian  countries Though multiple factors are at play, four key factors, contributing to this shift are the first being the increasing standards of domestic institutions in these countries, coupled  with the trend of foreign Institutions setting up their campuses there which has transformed the quality of education par excellence, second, the cost of education is comparatively lower in terms of tuition and living expenses; third, Asia is closer to home and fourth, the economies in Asian countries are growing at an unprecedented rate, which means getting a job post study is easier than ever before. With these factors continuing to grow stronger these certain Asian countries are projected to attract a large chunk of students from Asia and from across the world in the years to come in fact this trend is are day catching up  Singapore is one country that figures prominently as a  hot study abroad destination . Let us explore why

• Obtain a recognized international degree from U.S, U.K without having to travel to these countries.

• Study options with/without IELTS requirements

• A safe city with low crime rate and a stable political situation.

•   Proximity to India Singapore is only a few hours apart by air.

•   Multilingual county that provides a conducive environment for students to study

• Enjoy high standards of living, health care and education

  • Excellent job opportunities due the  presence of many multinational companies

• Location of World’s busiest port hence high Job outcome for logistics and

Supply chain students

  • Singapore Enjoys its reputation as the financial centre of Southeast Asia

Prestigious qualifications one can acquire by studying in Singapore

  • TUM ( Technical university of Munich, Germany Master’s programme awarded in Asian


SIM GLOBAL (Singapore Institute of management offering Programs awarded by

• LSE London school of Economics U.K

• RMIT University of Australia

• UOW University if Wollongong, Australia

• Buffalo state University U.S.A

• WARWICK University, U.K

• University of Stirling, U.K

• University of Birmingham, U.K

To gain more insight, exhaustive information on study programs in Singapore   and across the world, most suitable for you, visit Santa Monica study abroad Pvt. Ltd., your most trusted overseas Education consultant with 15+ years of experience and professional expertise facilitation overseas admissions to over 300 universities/ institutions across 30 countries or call at 0484-4140999.

Study in Singapore- The Global education hub of Asia


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Singapore is unquestionably one of  the most sought after study destination of Asia owing to its excellent educational system.  It stands tall as a Global education hub offering world class study programs to International students. Singapore’s competitive education offers international student’s great value for money as it allows one to obtain a recognized international degree in diverse streams ranging from Information technology, engineering, finance, media studies, law to mention a few, without having to travel  all the  way to USA, UK Or Australia.  Is Singapore the right choice for you?  Here are top reasons why there can’t be a better one.

  • Excellent quality of education    

Singapore is  education  powerhouse of  Asia and the world. Singapore is known to maintain high standards of teaching and learning. Apart from six national universities, many premier foreign universities have set up their campuses in Singapore, imparting quality education at affordable fees. The strong academic collaborations between Singaporean and foreign institutions have contributed significantly in enhancing the overall quality and global credibility of the programs, a reason why Singapore figures prominently in the world education ranking.

  •  Affordability factor

Affordability without compromising on the quality of education is what makes Singapore stand out as a popular study abroad destination. International students have the option to join world class programs  offered by premier institutions  in  the USA ,UK etc  in their Singapore  campuses.  Being geographically close to India also means economical air fares, cheap telephone calls which brings down your  overall expenditure on education significantly.

  • Stable Economy   

Singapore has one of the most competitive economies of the world which has performed comparatively well under the prevailing economic climate, its global trade and investment continues to provide a solid basis for its economy, which is promising news for number of International students currently pursuing various programs in Singapore.

  • World class Infrastructure and connectivity 

When it comes to infrastructure and connectivity Singapore has few parallels. Singapore is well connected via sea and air.  Its state of the art transportation system is rated as the best in the world. With excellent telephone and internet penetration you are never too far from your loved ones.

  • Vibrant city life

Though of comparatively small size, Singapore is known as a global city with truly world class  infrastructure.   Its towering skylines,  built-up environment  and  beautiful landscapes  are truly  mesmerizing  The city’s-never  ending buzz and energy  with never-fading  fun and festivities makes Singapore a spell bounding destination that  is sure to  keep  everyone enchanted.

  • Excellent Industrial attachment/ internship programs on offer

The ‘Industrial Attachments’ or internships programs which is normally of 5-6 months duration are great opportunities to gain some valuable work experience and makes one entitled to  a stipend This period though of short nature would go a long way in developing the basic skills necessary and at the same time would make one get acclimatized to the work environment of Singapore.

  • Excellent job prospects

Though geographically a small country, Singapore  is home to a large number of Multinational Corporation offering excellent job opportunities to bright international students. Singapore with its strong Manufacturing, Construction, Tourism,  Retail and  Healthcare industry is expected perform comparatively well in the coming years which is positive news for International students.

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Why study at Singapore Institute of Management( SIM ) ?

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If you are a student looking for quality study abroad options, Singapore would definitely be on top of your agenda, Singapore by virtue of being close to India and having similar culture that of India makes it more appealing to Indian students looking for quality overseas education. Established in 1964 SIM Global education,Singapore  collaborates with some of the finest universities across the globe from countries like Australia, UK, Switzerland and the U.S to offer unique programs taught by highly qualified international faculty,  mixing Asian practices with international perspectives for a truly global outlook that turn one in to a Global professional. Have a look at few reasons why you should study at SIM Global education Singapore.


  • Reputed partnership with world class universities and top notch faculty

With over 50 year old heritage , over 132,000 strong alumni , student’s enrolment of over 36,000 and over 2, 0000 strong top notch faculties,  SIM GE collaborates with finest universities across the Globe from Australia, Switzerland the UK and the U.S.  Collaborating universities are RMIT University Australia, University of Wollongong IMI International Management Institute Switzerland. The University of Sheffield UK, The university of Warwick, University of Birmingham, University of London, University of Southampton ,University of Stirling  and  United States University at Buffalo.

Extensive   Study options

 SIM  offers over 70 top quality  full time and part time courses  In Singapore  through more than 10 partner universities  ranging  from masters ,bachelors, Graduate diploma and diploma levels in areas such as applied sciences, arts  business, Communication, finance, Information technology, hospitality, Management, Nursing ,Social sciences and more.

Vibrant student life

Studying in Singapore at SIM Global is   equally exciting outside the class room with students from over 40 countries offering diverse ideas and experiences.  With over  70 student clubs   SIM is abuzz  with student activities including extracurricular activities, culture fests ,competitions which gives ample opportunity for one  to develop their  latent talents and  leadership skills.

Technology enabled State of the art infrastructure

SIMs student centric campus is equipped with latest technology and facilities to enhance student learning experience   with latest technology high speed wireless internet access, offering immense wealth of information and online services are at your disposal 24/7.

Experience the rich blend of culture

With  students from  over  40 countries from across the globe SIM  has an exciting mix of cultural diversities  which facilitates an excellent platform for cultural exchange and knowledge sharing  thereby helping in creating next generation of global leaders who  understand  the Global mindset.

Exciting scholarships on offer

SIM awards up to 35 student scholarships to outstanding international students, the criteria for selection is purely academic excellence, outstanding feats in sports and artistic sphere is also duly awarded these student scholarships


  • Internships and career services

SIM Global education offer immense opportunities to gain work exposure of global nature through professional internships in Singapore that help one to enhance your skill sets and fine tune for the challenging career ahead.  SIMs Career services helps one to have a smooth transition from academic life to a career life by helping you identify your core strengths and help you choose an appropriate profession by offering Career coaching ,   workshops   net working events   Job fairs, company visits and global student exchange programs.

Medical insurance cover for all international students

SIM has in place a group medical insurance scheme for all its students with a minimum annual coverage of S$20,000 per students for treatment in government and restructured hospitals and provides for 24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas In case the student is involved in SIM PL related activities abroad.

SIM Education Singapore   offers supports with regards to financial assistance schemes, counseling services that ensure students overall well being and a holistic education if you are looking for world class education at affordable cost SIM Global education is the answer.  For more information  to  study abroad in Singapore’s  SIM Education  Contact  Santa Monica study abroad on  0484-4140999.




 Great Opportunity  awaits +2 /Graduates who are on the look out  to pursue further studies in Singapore without any IELTS requirements , in areas of accounting and finance,  Business and communications, Engineering & IT, Hospitality & Tourism, Life & physical sciences and languages with  exciting  scholarships at PSB, academy, a  Singapore,  ministry of education approved institution

PSB Academy Singapore is one of the top private education institutions of Singapore with 50 years of experience in providing high quality education to individuals; these programs are provided in partnership with the worlds finest educational institutions are internationally recognized.  The holistic approach PSB adopts is what sets it apart, giving students the edge to stay competitive in today’s highly competitive job market. PSB Academy offer comprehensive full-time and part-time program from certificates, diplomas, and bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs to over 11,000 local and international students annually.

The degree program s are offered in conjunction with premier universities from Australia  and the United kingdom PSB”s  highly competent staff place great emphasis on academic rigor and excellence ,and aim to equip students with the knowledge and skill that are relevant to the industry.

With full fledged campus at, PSB Delta and city campus, PSB Academy AT Sheraton, students can look forward to a nurturing and vibrant environment to pursue their desired programmes, enjoy campus recreational activities and participate in an array of activities that will enhance their learning journey.


Why choose to study at PSB Academy Singapore

  • Quality Education and esteemed partnerships
  • Teaching excellence
  • Holistic learning experiences
  • Qualifications offered by world renowned universities
  • Unlimited progression pathways offered
  • Great networking opportunities for a promising career
  • Attractive scholarships offered based on scholarship exams
  • Vibrant campus life
  • State of the art facilities
  •  Wide range of accommodation options


  • LA Trobe  University  Australia
  • The University of New castle
  • University of Wollongong
  • Coventry University  United Kingdom
  • Edinburgh Napier University
  • University of London


  PSB offers  an array of full-time and part-time programs from certificates, diplomas, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs across 6 schools:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Business & Communications
  • Engineering & Technology
  • English & Education
  • Life & Physical Sciences
  • Languages


For more information and free counseling please contact Santa Monica study abroad, the approved representative of PSB in India. Contact no -0484 4140999


Study in Singapore – the premier education hub of Asia


Singapore is the premier education hub of Asia where tradition and modernity tastefully unite offering students a truly global educational experience.Singapore education is based on a broad base curriculum and global perspective that equips them to excel in the competitive job market.


  • Obtain a recognized international degree without having to travel to a western country.
  • A safe city with low crime rate and a stable political institution.
  • Proximity to India Singapore is only a few hours apart by air.
  • Multilingual country that provides a conducive environment for students to study
  • Enjoy high standards of living, healthcare and education
  • Singapore is a thriving arts and cultural scene
  • Excellent job opportunities due the presence of many multinational companies in Singapore.
  • Freedom to work in the country after obtaining a degree
  • A convenient destination to travel from/to India
  • Low unemployment rate
  • IELTS  not required


When a candidate submits the Visa application form along with relevant supporting documents to the service provider, details are uploaded online in Singapore Immigration web site, which in turn is processed by the authorities.  Relevant applications forms are Form No.16 (1&2) and 36(V) (1&2).

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Supporting documents:

  1. Bank statement showing minimum balance of 30000 SD
  2. Birth Certificate or Undertaking
  3. TT Receipt for payment of application fee to the College where admission is sought
  4. Experience certificates / references, if any
  5. Letter showing media of language of study
  6. The processing fee is 3 SD to be paid to Singapore Immigration & Check Point Authority (ICA).

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Cost of studies varies depending on the institution, course and period of study chosen by you.   A diploma course lasting for 6 months to 2 years can cost you 5000 to 20000 SD whereas degree courses which last for two to four years will cost 24000 to 55000 SD, and for Master’s degree of one/two years you will need to spend between 18500 to 30000 SD.


Normally 500 to 700 SD will be enough for shared accommodation and food.  However, this can vary depending upon the lifestyle you chose.


Cost of accommodation in Singapore for international students is comparatively low.  Generally students can get accommodation in the University’s Halls of Residence where preference is given to those who enroll for the first time.  Though private hostels and home stays are available, most of them are located far from the city.  Those who wish to go for rented house can refer the classified advertisements in local newspapers

For more details: