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Pursuing higher studies in Engineering at reputed Universities/ institutions abroad has become a fad among youngsters on the lookout for a promising global engineering career, thanks to superior quality of study programs offered by these institutions which are highly applied in nature that expose students to laboratories based on cutting edge technology and offer integrated industry experiences.

All these coupled with strong interdisciplinary coursework, and research opportunities enable students to remain a step ahead of the competition in today’s highly competent global job market. Apart from the quality of the study programs the other pull factors especially for students from India are the part-time work rights which allows them to budget their overall education expense, along with the post work permit of up-to 3 years which in a way facilitates them to realize the investment made on their education and at the same time explore opportunities in their specialized domain. With Engineering and its varied specializations figuring prominently in the shortage occupation list of several countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, further brightens their Permanent residency prospects.

Masters programs accredited by various prestigious Engineers accreditation bodies like Washington Accord, EURACE, Engineers Australia/ New Zealand, enhances global employability factor and further adds to their charm.

Engineering Abroad – Advantages

• Unmatched quality of study programs

• Programs are highly applied in nature

• Strong interdisciplinary coursework

• Excellent exposure to laboratories based on cutting edge technology

• Industry endorsed internships in most modern units of multinational companies

• Post study work permits for easy access to job market

• Personal growth by way of recognition as an international degree holder

• Brightens prospects to gain Permanent residency to settle down with family

• Scholarships and/or free tuition, student grants and paid internships

• Program accredited by prestigious professional bodies worldwide

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