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At last, the anxious wait is over. Getting news of your student visa approved is just what the doctor ordered for  a  good nights  sleep. But still the anxiety or maybe, we can call it   the excitement of flying to an alien country, away from your loved ones, can be quite emotionally taxing.  However with wise prioritization of things and   acquiring some basic information, can spare you the trouble of last minute rush and unnecessary stress.




Booking Flight tickets

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Now that you have received your student visa, the next things on your priority list should be to   book  flight tickets, without waiting for the last minute. That doesn’t mean,  heading  straightaway to the nearest travel agent without  inquiring about the prevailing rates. Do fair bit of research on internet, comparing rates of various airlines, routes, dates etc, while making sure you reach your institution on time for the class, at least two days in advance for acclimatization. In case you have an orientation class to attend, make sure you reach on time as most overseas institutions are very keen that student attends the orientation program.

All most all notable overseas education consultants have a dedicated travel desk department through which you can get flight tickets at relatively economical rates as they procure tickets from different vendors at economical prices.

In case you are booking your tickets directly it would be wise to know the flight itinerary to avoid transit routes, which require transit visa. Also ensure that you take the shortest route and flights with minimum lay over time as it would be a harrowing time getting stuck at an airport, waiting hours to catch your connection flight.


Arranging your pick and drop and accommodation


It is a common sight to see parents and students at the last moment, running from pillar to post, looking for accommodation, calling up relative’s acquaintances and friends abroad.  Usually once the admission is confirmed, the respective university / institution, usually  email details of accommodation available on campus  or  endorsed by them  Free pick  and drop or with a nominal  fee  from airport is also  arranged  a couple of weeks before the course date  for which a candidate is required to register online, giving the details of  his/ her flight itinerary.  Similarly for accommodation,  candidates are advised to register at the university portal well in advance  to avoid complications.  One can  contact the travel desk of your overseas education consultant    about your need  for accommodation   so as to ensure  a confirmed accommodation and pick  up before you reach your study destination.



Packing your luggage is obviously the last thing on your mind and  rightly so  but contrary to the belief of many it can be a most time consuming and tiring work as one needs to ensure that he/she has taken all necessary stuff.   With regard to the luggage   specification, you can’t have a standard answer for the question as it depends on the airline company you are flying.    Though most airlines allow a minimum of 2 piece luggages of 23 kgs each and also a carry in luggage of 7 kgs however do ensure that the size of your luggage does not exceed 158 cm in length, breadth and height.

Certain airlines as an offer for students embarking on overseas studies, allow three piece luggages of 23 kgs each.  In case the weight exceeds this limit you will have to shell extra money.  It is advisable to buy luggage carriers that have TSA in built lock to avoid damage to bags during baggage checking.   Do ensure  you  carry things  of urgent need  like necessary currency, Cell phones( in switch off mode), Medicine if any, travel documents, and pass ports, Visa copy if in the form of separate letter. Do ensure that you don’t have any banned substance in your luggage  like explosives ,  incendiary materials,  fireworks, flares, plastic flammable liquid, aerosols except  for toiletries, Infectious materials,  Medical laboratory specimens, viral organisms, bacterial cultures. Magnetic materials: etc which comes under banned category.

  Arranging for foreign currency

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As a student embarking on overseas studies you would require a minimum of foreign currency of the host country to ensure that you are not cash strapped to manage yourself during this transitory period. Though scores of Forex agencies offer these services, it is advisable to compare rates offered by different agencies before you take a final call.   Multi currency travel cards are now available, which would help you travel cash free  as these cards are safer and convenient with their top up facility available, along with   minimum charge per transaction. You can select the credit limit and type of card as per your requirement and have a relaxed journey Check with your overseas education facilitator if they provide such service.

Attending the pre departure briefing conducted by your overseas education consultant would quell all your queries to a large extent.  The pre departure briefing session is the right platform  to know  about the dos and don’ts, while  embarking  on your studies abroad as they are conducted by  experts in the domain who have years of experience and exposure to back.

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