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ENGINEER your future


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Germany ranks on top of the list of popular study destination for engineering studies with an upper hand in Mechanical Engineering. Engineering students in India who do not opt to do MBA right after engineering or even after two or three years of work experience, invariably are the ones aspiring to go to Germany for their postgraduate engineering programs.  The engineering sciences are the vehicle of technological progress and are currently facing major challenges.  New blood is being sought in Germany, especially for the disciplines of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. German engineers are called “artists of the feasible”. The challenging degree courses in engineering are basically geared towards the demands of real life.

World believes that in many fields engineers trained at German universities are guarantors for the technological leadership of German industry in the global competition. Engineering degrees “Made in Germany” rightly have an excellent reputation internationally, because they provide tomorrow’s engineers with superb conditions for studying and for research. Internship is a part of academic courses in top MNCs that eventually lead to full-time employment in large multinational companies

The intensive research work, invaluable study abroad experience, high quality education, career and migration possibilities, and low cost studies are just some of the lures for studying engineering in Germany.

The Masters programs offered at German Universities are funded by Government, and are granted scholarships which have proven to be a boon for Indian students. A number of private and public institutions award scholarships to cover living costs and books. If willing to learn German, students also have the opportunity to join the German Language Courses at the University, which are free of charge and the good things doesn’t end here   Part-time work rights: 240 days or 120 days full-time in a year and   Stay back: 18 months Residence Permit. Planning to study engineering in  Germany?  Reach us on 0484-4140999 to guide you through from start to finish





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With the best education, living conditions and excellent post study job opportunities, Germany is surely finding a place in the list of popular destinations for students, wanting to pursue higher studies abroad, however certain misconceptions or myths still come in the way for many in taking that life transforming decision of studying abroad in Germany let us address these myths one by one.

Language is going to be a  huge problem for me as Germans don’t speak English

Folks it’s a fact that all Germany don’t speak English but things are changing with foreign education and increased exposure and media explosion many Germans are now quite comfortable in conversing in English and are in fact catching up on their English speaking skills so relax language barrier is not going to play spoil sport at all

  • Confusion regarding  fee or no fee

Germany  is the one of the best study option  even if you are  from  middle class financial background   but there is certainly a misconception that  all programs  are free it would be worth noting that  certain specific programs at  public universities do not charge tuition fees however even in that case  a semester contribution  that ranges between 250 to 500 Euros  need to be paid mandatorily  However  tuition fees  in Germany are  comparatively lower  than  in many developed  countries.

  • Food is  a huge worry

Many have a preconceived notion that one can’t get food that appeal to Indian taste buds and that   for vegetarians it’s all going to be even more difficult but the reality is that Germans, like experimenting with food and their recipes have had fair bit of transformations and influences. It is not difficult to locate restaurants serving Indian, Chinese food in Germany so relax you don’t have to stay hungry while you study in Germany

  • Germans are not much sociable

This is more of a preconceived notion and bias that people have towards Germans they might be more formal in their approach towards strangers but once you break the ice they are friendly and approachable like any human beings in fact it won’t be surprising if you get a couple of German friends before you enter your first semester study in Germany

Now that some of the myths have been busted why not explore a course and university in Germany to complete your undergraduate or post graduate study. Enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Germany and earn a priced European qualification that is sure to take your career to soaring heights For more information on exciting career centric programs in reputed German universities/ institutions reach us on 0484-4140999


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Known for some of the best intellectual and creative minds in history, Germany offers an affordable first rate education landscape set in the heart of Europe with endless possibilities for career growth, travel and cultural exploration. Germany officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany consists of 16 states and is Europe’s largest economy With the best education and living conditions, Germany is turning out to be one of the most popular destinations for students wanting to pursue higher studies abroad.


  • Hub of Engineering and Technology
  • Research centric Masters in  Engineering leading to university assisted internship
  • Tuition fee not required at public funded universities
  • 18 months stay back, post study
  • Options to apply for EU Blue card
  • World class degrees recognised around the world
  • Safe country to live and study
  • 17,500 degree programms offered
  • Lowest tuition fees
  • Affordable living expenses
  • Ample number of scholarships on offer


Education in Germany

Germany is synonymous with quality, which is also true for education in Germany. Most of the universities or colleges are state funded. Education in Germany consists mainly of applying Practical knowledge in addition to a strong ground holds on theoretical aspects. Most of the German Universities are autonomous and provide special emphasis on research and teaching. Some of the groundbreaking discoveries that the world has seen have been the result of German Universities. German Universities offer courses in Medicine, Engineering, Management, Law, English and various other disciplines. Academic freedom is one of the main characteristics of the German university System and is one of the reasons why public universities in Germany don’t charge any tuition fees which make study in Germany even more attractive. Merit is the only criteria for admission to German Universities. Germany has always been in the forefront of technological advances and innovative inventions. Choosing to study in Germany, you would learn about the latest technological advances and trends in the subject of your choice. Germany is a great destination for international students and offers high quality university education with best educational and living conditions.


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  •  Automotive Engineering


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  •  Employment and Job opportunities

Internships are an integral part of many academic courses are compulsory internships. Germany is arguably the only country in the World where completion of study programs in Universities is smoothly followed by paid internship in top MNCs that eventually lead to full-time placement. Close ties with companies like AP, Siemens, DPWN, Daimler, BMW or Bosch will increase your career prospects.

For more information on Studying abroad in Germany, please reach us on -0484-4140999.

Study Abroad in FRANCE


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Vive le France !

France has a lot to offer to an international student be it in terms of its matchless world class education which is in tune with global job requirements , intellectual and artistic heritage or mesmerizing scenery. France has in store for you rich culture, fabulous food , priceless architecture and endless number of cafes, museums, galleries and cinemas offering an unparalleled experience all while you earn that priceless French qualification.


France is one of the most appealing overseas destinations for students worldwide

  • Paris has been voted as no 1 student city! (QS Best Student Cities, 2014)
  • 4th wealthiest country and 5th largest economy of the world
  • Over 5 French business schools are ranked among top 10 business schools in Europe
  • Excellent environment that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Highly subsidized tuition fees
  • One of the best countries to pursue management and engineering courses with excellent specializations on offer
  • Head quarter of 39 Global fortune 500 companies
  • Collaboration with industry and salary based internships are integral part of curriculum
  • Excellent placement opportunity for students in the area of their study
  • Outstanding research and development opportunities
  • Offer free French language classes for international students



 France offers a sizeable number of scholarships to pursue various courses in its institutions to attract more international students to study in France.   Few are listed below

The Eiffel Scholarships

 Eiffel scholarship programme. The aim of the programme is to allow French institutes to support international outreach initiatives so that they remain competitive and lure international students interested in pursuing Master’s, Engineering and doctoral programmes.  Even though the programme does not include tuition fee, state enrollment fees are waived and those who qualify for this scholarship are entitled to a monthly allowance.

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

 These scholarships are granted by the European Union, they cover living expenses, tuition, travel as well as insurance for international students pursuing Master’s and Ph.D students.

  • Ile-de France Masters Scholarships

These are granted to International students who have opted to pursue higher studies in select universities, such as Ecole Centrale Paris, and the Universite Paris-Est Cretail Val de Marne etc Due preference will be given to students hailing from certain priority areas from within the region however even students from emerging countries like Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East   are eligible for the same


No need to worry if you haven’t received any scholarships as Part-time study options in France are a plenty. International students can work part time in France provided that they possess a student residency permit. They should also have enrolled in a recognized university. An international student has the right to work for over 964 hours/year. Students can work part-time during terms. They can work full time during holidays.

Some of the part-time jobs that most international students opt for include teaching foreign languages, translation, telemarketing, tele surveys, software or videogame testing.

Post study job opportunities too are plenty, however If a student wishes to work in France after successful completion of course, he/she will have to get his/her status changed. The student, the company and the institution will have to sign an agreement that throws light on the type of work, training and conditions. Most universities in France offer sufficient information about placement opportunities. So inform them about your desire to work in France post study well in advance. There are also specialized agencies that assist students in finding employment in France. Word-of-mouth communication is the best way to get you a job on French soil. Needless to say France is a haven of sorts for international students seeking to build a bright future

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Study in Italy and script a successful career



Italy certainly has plenty of charms for students who are in the lookout for a top notch study abroad destination.  Italy is blessed with a diverse landscape including mountains, islands and active volcanoes and has immense cultural and historical legacy coupled with incomparable cuisine and an impressive history of inventions and discoveries.  Italy can boast about some of the best universities in the world including one of the worlds oldest and most prestigious.

The University (UNIBO) is Italy’s top ranked university in the QS World University Rankings  2014/15, at 182nd in the world.

A total of 26 universities in Italy feature in the QS World University Rankings 2014/15, of which 15 make it into the world’s top 500. Overall, there are around 90 universities in Italy, of which the majority is publicly funded which is very encouraging for students, looking to study abroad in Italy.





Tuition fees at universities in Italy differ depending on the institution and course. According to government guidelines, average fees are between €850 to €1,000/year at public universities.


International students are eligible for grants, student loans, housing assistance, meal tickets and fee waivers. These services are managed by the university’s DSU Office, which also provides useful information and services for students including counseling, extra-curricular activities, sports, transport and other practical matters



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Engineering studies abroad 

Engineers are most sought after professionals in almost all the countries and figure in the Skilled Occupation lists of countries which facilitate migration. Engineering courses in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany provide state of the art facilities for students in comparison to those provided in India. Some of the overseas universities/institutions provide paid internship and placements during the course period so that the students get adapted to the requirements of the employers while seeking jobs and working students gain benefits in the form of competitive wages. Niche programmes such as mining, Mechatronics, Environmental engineering, Petroleum engineering, Bio-medical  engineering, Aircraft maintenance, Audio and  Video Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Design Engineering, Agricultural engineering, Fire Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electro-mechanical engineering, etc, have opened up newer areas of employment opportunities for the youth today.

New Avenues for Medicine studies abroad

Pursuing an MBBS degree has been a favorite amongst the Indian student fraternity. The perks of recognition, high pay, and social status have been the common driving factors that have motivated students to pursue a career in medicine. The global demand for doctors is on the rise; however, we have not been able to meet the demand, especially in developing countries including India. Medicine studies in developed countries is open to all willing  to excel in their career, without any reservations  based on color, religion, caste, creed or additional financial burdens

Though US, UK  tops the list in providing quality medicine studies, for those who cannot afford to spend huge money and match stringent entry requirements, several new avenues  have opened up  in Europe and Asia  the most  prominent among  them are  Philippines, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia ,Hungary, Poland  Russia, Malaysia, China  etc ,where these programs are taught in English  where medicine education is not only  cheaper, entrance requirements are also less cumbersome, notwithstanding the excellent  education system and infrastructures that are truly international. There are a few good institutions in these countries which provide excellent and world class facilities for medicine studies with advanced infrastructure and facilities, easy availability of cadavers for studies and clinical placements in hospitals. Entrance exams and heavy capitation fee payments are no more a worry for those who opt to study in these countries. There are many institutions that cater to international students however, the onus lies on the students to identify the genuine institutions before embarking on Medicine studies abroad.

* Like in all other countries a foreign qualified doctor is required to undergo the prescribed test/certification in India by the Medical Council of India before practicing in India.

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A GREAT PLACE TO LEARN AND LIVE                                        

Norway is welcoming, vibrant and cosmopolitan which along with its quality education avenues is synonymous for its academic excellence and research driven learning environment.  Norway has more to offer than mere world class overseas education its pristine rich forest covered hills, spectacular fjords and glacier offer an unforgettable outdoor that attracts thousands of students from all over the world.

Norway has emerged as an ideal study destination with Over 15 000 foreign nationals currently enrolled in a wide range of high quality courses. From vocational subjects to postgraduate and doctorate level, there are plenty of study options available combined with scores of active student associations, societies, and organizations contributing to the rich and varied social life of students.

Norway is not a mere tourist’s paradise it has figured consecutively for 4 years in the United Nations (UN ranking as having the highest standard of living in the world.  Norway is one of the world’s biggest exporters of oil and gas, and is in the forefront of developing cutting edge technology. Norwegian companies are famous the world over, offering abundance of job opportunities to students completing their studies with decent grades.

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What makes Norway an Ideal study abroad destination for you?

  • Tuition-free higher education to all, regardless of the country of origin
  • Standard of living in Norway is among the highest in the world


  • Excellent Job avenues   owing to the presence of  billion dollar companies such as Statoil Group, DnB NOR, Telenor, Yara International, Norsk Hydro, Orkla, Storebrand, Gjensidige,  Forsikring, Aker Solutions and Spare Bank.


  • More than 200 Masters programs taught in English are available to students, covering a wide range of subject areas.


  • A strong economy Norway is  the world’s biggest exporter of oil and gas, and Norwegian companies are in the forefront when it comes to developing new technologies in deep sea drilling


  • Part time work right  of 20 hours per week (40 Hours during vacation)


  • High wages and emoluments


  • Excellent   work/  life balance

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