Am I Eligible to Study Abroad?

To study abroad and capture new heights are a dream of all…………..! But then the most important question rises, “Am I eligible to study abroad??”

The requirements to study abroad may vary with the country, course and the college/university you choose. Still there are certain basic credentials you need to meet.



Here are those indispensable eligibility criteria that are required to Study Abroad:

1. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: The Educational requirements depend on the course and the college / university you are applying for. Those who have successfully passed 12th grade are eligible to Study Abroad.

2. CLEAR BACKGROUND: Besides an education qualification, a background check will be undertaken which involves scrutinizing your financial capacity, interests, professional experience etc.

3. ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: It is mandatory to submit an English proficiency test score (IELTS, TOEFL or PTE). However, some countries provides exemptions too.

4. MEDICAL FITNESS: You need to be medically fit i.e.; you have to undergo tests to ensure that you do not possess any communicable diseases and should produce the certificate showing your fitness while you apply.

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