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Possibilities of studying biotechnology in Canada

When we talk about biotechnology courses, it can be seen that in India these courses have a bad reputation among the kids and parents. There are many reasons for this attitude, major deterrent being the non-availability of jobs in the same field after the course completion. So the majority of the students choose to pursue research after completing MSc and BSc. Getting into an industry that offers possibilities in Biotechnology is practically impossible in India.

But this scenario is quite different in Canada. Canada is a global leader when it comes to biotech research and boasts many reputed research laboratories and hospitals. There are huge industries with big investments and high interest in biopharmaceutical R&D. To tackle this ever-growing demand, colleges offer various biotech courses- from diploma to masters to PhD, enabling a pool of talented professionals to meet the market needs.

The diversified biotech industries in Canada, like food & agriculture industry, also offer substantial job opportunities. The health industry is also a related major field where biotech students can diversify. Many of our students even after completing their masters in India, go to Canada to study special courses like forensic biotechnology, which is emerging as a prospective course to pursue. Plus two students can opt for diploma courses in biotechnology while students with degrees and diplomas can select niche courses that offer great job prospects.


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