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Which are the Countries Keralites prefer while pondering overseas education?


These days, it has become a trend to send kids for higher studies in foreign countries due to many factors. Canada is the most popular study destination among students from Kerala. Assured placements, affordable higher education, and immigrant-friendly permanent residency policies are some of the major attractions favouring Canada.

When we compare education in Canada with other countries, it is evident that the studies are more affordable there. The Canadian government is granting huge subsidies to the education sector which is beneficial to the student community. In certain provinces where the population is less, a student can do a diploma course, a Bachelor’s degree or a Postgraduate specialisation in Universities with only 6 /7 lakhs Indian rupees per annum. This is a very pocket-friendly budget for the students seeking a foreign degree. Even a middle-class family can opt to send their ward to study in Canada with some sponsorships and student loans (or both) due to these affordable fee structure.

New Zealand

New Zealand has emerged as the most sought after destination for overseas education after Canada. Certain policies that were enacted recently by their government are in general favourable for students aiming the overseas education. Even Visa policies support spouses of expats to continue education. Part-time work facility with three-year open work permit and PR possibilities make New Zealand a popular destination.


Australia is another popular destination for higher studies. Being a big country with good PR prospects Australia is favoured by many. Students doing Bachelors and Masters have a two-year open work permit which gives them ample time to find a decent job. Australia also has immigrant-friendly policies that promote long term stay and citizenship.


Ireland is also attracting students with good policies. Affordable education with a two-year work permit is what the government is offering currently. Ireland is the second-best investor-friendly country in the world attracting a lot of investments which are beneficial to the students pursuing higher education.

Sweden & Germany

Among other European countries, Sweden & Germany are also preferred by Malayali students. Career opportunities are mostly for engineering stream and applied sciences.


France is famous for business courses as it hosts a few of the world’s best business schools.
A challenge students face in these countries is the native language. Students have to be thorough in the native language as often that language will be the main medium of communication. Also if a student wants to make a career in these countries, it is necessary that they have to be proficient in native languages.

Holland/ Netherlands

Yet another attractive destination is Holland/ Netherlands. Students mostly prefer Bachelor’s degree and the government is providing very affordable education with good subsidies. With 8 to 9 lakhs, an aspirant can get admission in high ranking universities. For a four-year course, students will get a 1-year stay back and they can find a good placement during this period. Another advantage is that once a person completes 5 years in that country they can apply for permanent residency.


For years the UK and the US had been the only known destinations for foreign education but
Currently, the USA is relatively less preferred among Malayali students due to the cost factor. Students who seek admission in the US are normally highly ambitious students who are aiming for higher studies at tier 1 universities or the elite community who have relatives residing there.

As far as foreign education is concerned the UK provides cost-effective quality education in many prestigious institutions. The current scenario is favourable to India as more visas are granted for Indians. Recently the maximum number of Job Visas granted by the UK for foreign nationals were for Indians. This in turn, inspires many students to study abroad.

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