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Studying in New Zealand- Expenses & Fee Structure

Universities VS Colleges

When we ponder about the studying expenses in New Zealand, one has to keep in mind that the country has both Universities & Colleges. Expenses to study in Universities vary from that of Colleges and more often Universities tend to be more expensive than the Colleges.

If you are aiming to study at a college, you have to be ready to spend an amount of Rs. 8 to Rs. 9 lakhs per year. And for a masters degree, it comes around Rs.9 to 10 lakhs per year. If it’s a university, the expenses can be between Rs. 13 lakhs to 17 lakhs per year, depending on the ranking of the university.

A student has to demonstrate the financial capability of 15,000 New Zealand dollars to obtain a student Visa. This comes around 7.5 lakhs Indian rupees.  But please note that this is not going to be an actual incurring expense as students have part-time work rights while they are studying in New Zealand. And in their summer holidays, they can work full time and this means more financial independence and less dependability on deposited funds.

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