Engineering studies abroad 

Engineers are most sought after professionals in almost all the countries and figure in the Skilled Occupation lists of countries which facilitate migration. Engineering courses in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany provide state of the art facilities for students in comparison to those provided in India. Some of the overseas universities/institutions provide paid internship and placements during the course period so that the students get adapted to the requirements of the employers while seeking jobs and working students gain benefits in the form of competitive wages. Niche programmes such as mining, Mechatronics, Environmental engineering, Petroleum engineering, Bio-medical  engineering, Aircraft maintenance, Audio and  Video Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Design Engineering, Agricultural engineering, Fire Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electro-mechanical engineering, etc, have opened up newer areas of employment opportunities for the youth today.

New Avenues for Medicine studies abroad

Pursuing an MBBS degree has been a favorite amongst the Indian student fraternity. The perks of recognition, high pay, and social status have been the common driving factors that have motivated students to pursue a career in medicine. The global demand for doctors is on the rise; however, we have not been able to meet the demand, especially in developing countries including India. Medicine studies in developed countries is open to all willing  to excel in their career, without any reservations  based on color, religion, caste, creed or additional financial burdens

Though US, UK  tops the list in providing quality medicine studies, for those who cannot afford to spend huge money and match stringent entry requirements, several new avenues  have opened up  in Europe and Asia  the most  prominent among  them are  Philippines, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia ,Hungary, Poland  Russia, Malaysia, China  etc ,where these programs are taught in English  where medicine education is not only  cheaper, entrance requirements are also less cumbersome, notwithstanding the excellent  education system and infrastructures that are truly international. There are a few good institutions in these countries which provide excellent and world class facilities for medicine studies with advanced infrastructure and facilities, easy availability of cadavers for studies and clinical placements in hospitals. Entrance exams and heavy capitation fee payments are no more a worry for those who opt to study in these countries. There are many institutions that cater to international students however, the onus lies on the students to identify the genuine institutions before embarking on Medicine studies abroad.

* Like in all other countries a foreign qualified doctor is required to undergo the prescribed test/certification in India by the Medical Council of India before practicing in India.

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