6 main reasons to choose New Zealand for your overseas studies


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It is one of the most favored shooting locations for Bollywood films, agreed.  It’s a great cricketing nation, no big revelation.  It’s famous for Kiwi fruit and milk products but there is more to New Zealand than mesmerizing locations and flora and fauna. New Zealand is one of the best destination to pursue your studies abroad Read on as we list some of the top reasons to study in New Zealand.

  •  Quality of education

New Zealand education is a rich blend of time tested traditional principles with innovation. New Zealand has a robust education system comprising of institutes of technologies, polytechnics, universities and private colleges, offering qualifications ranging from vocational certificates to doctoral degrees. New Zealand institutions ranks high in world education rankings and have been rated among the best in the world. Getting a New Zealand qualification is sure to set you up for a promising career.

  • Wide ranging opportunities for study and research

New Zealand has a well developed university system that is highly student-centered with institutions offering niche programs along with conventional disciplines like arts, science, Business law etc. Though all programs offered in New Zealand are top notch, Masters in Civil / Earth quake engineering, MBA program with 3 months internships, Dual diploma programs in quantity surveying & construction management are some of the hot programs one can pursue with internships.

  • Dream destination to explore

New Zealand is a traveler’s paradise with splendid locations to explore.  From snow clad mountains to vast open plains and long stretch of green farmlands, New Zealand never fails to mesmerize.  For the adventure freak in you, excellent opportunities are available to indulge in adrenaline gushing adventure activities like bungee jumping, skydiving, zip lining , caving, canoeing  etc to mention a few.

  • Excellent Employment prospects

With a stable economy, jobs are to be had for International students on completion of their studies.  There are high demand for Engineers, IT Professionals, accountants, chefs, financial advisers and marketing professionals.  International students studying in New Zealand also have the opportunity to work while they study. Students may be permitted to work up to 20 hours each week during study periods or full time on the holidays,  depending on their programs of study, which can help them gain valuable work experience that boost employment prospects. After graduation, one can look forward to working in New Zealand by applying for a post-study work visa or permanent residency.

  • Easy entry requirements

Compared to many other countries, gaining entry to New Zealand institutions is not a tedious job provided you have a well written Statement of Purpose and other supporting documents in place Students with average marks can  also  gain entry to most Bachelor degree programs as there are ample number of seats at each institutions spread across New Zealand. Unlike other countries students intending to study in New Zealand need not pay their tuition fees upfront.   They only need to pay it once their visa is approved.

  • Affordable tuition fees and cost of living

Tuition fees in New Zealand institutions are the lowest among developed countries. Major universities and institutes in New Zealand offer highly subsidized hostel accommodation. Apart from university offered accommodations, various affordable accommodation options like paying guest facilities are available for international students which are highly safe. If food is a cause of concern for you there are many restaurants in New Zealand that serve food at decent rates.  Even combo meals are offered keeping student community in mind. Also with a decent accommodation in place, many of the young international students are seen to cook their own meals which can bring down your living cost drastically.  As an international student one is expected to rely heavily on Public transport which is moderately charged in New Zealand.  Carrying your tertiary ID can get up to 40% off on all Travel which is quite encouraging if you in tend to explore this beautiful country.

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