8 Things to consider before deciding on a medicine study destination/institution abroad


The trend of pursuing medicine studies abroad is catching up at a steady pace and is gaining momentum with each passing year; as a result students and parents are being presented with a variety of options in terms of medical universities and institutions abroad, putting many in a dilemma, as to which destination and institution to choose. Here are some basic parameters, one should consider before finalizing on a destination and institution for medicine studies abroad.

  • Quality of the education

It need not be said that the quality of medical education offered should be your top priority. Since there is no concrete mechanism to evaluate the quality aspect of foreign universities/institutions, the best way would be to research on your own by visiting the web site of the respective university/ institution. One need to look at couple of things like the facilities at the institution, curriculum, assignment submission patterns, faculties, research publications, lab and library facilities etc to note a few. Considering the limitations of the research through internet, it would be worth taking reference from students who are currently pursuing study at the concerned institution or alumni’s.

  •  Cost of the course 

Apart from the quality of the program, cost is one factor that needs to be kept in mind before taking a decision. Cost of medical education varies from country to country.  Having a clear picture of the total fees for the entire duration of program is very important to avoid financial crunch in between the course period. With many countries in Europe and Southeast like Philippines, China, Bulgaria, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Malaysia, offering cost effective medical programs of world class nature, the options are endless.

  • Cost of living and additional expenses

Though Course fee forms a sizable part of expense, it should not be the only criteria to reach a conclusion, as apart from course fees, all other expenses like food and lodging, toiletries, cost involved in eating out, recreation etc need to be taken in to account as all these expenses, account for the entire amount you spend on your medicine education abroad.

  • Location of the Institution

The location of the institution is one important thing that both students and parents consider before taking a decision, as somewhat proximity to their native country is mostly preferred.  Though with increased flight connectivity and communications, no place is far, however transportation facilitates, law and order aspect, accommodating nature of local population towards international students are certain things that plays an important role in selecting a study destination.

  • Facilities offered

Though academic infrastructure is of prime importance, so are other facilities including the study rooms, housing facilities, canteens, emergency care, sport facilities, internet connectivity etc and hence need to be scrutinized before deciding on the institution.

  •  Duration of the course

The program duration may vary slightly from university to university, so, having clarity on the duration of the program is highly important. One would also need to ensure where an additional year need to be spend to study the local language, which is mandatory in some countries. Internship period also need to be factored in before a final decision is reached.

  •   Medium of Instruction

Most universities / colleges across the world conduct their medical programs in vernacular as well as in English.   It goes without saying to opt a program where the language of instruction is English medium and moreover studying the program in the native language would require an additional 1 year of study.

  • Approach credible overseas medical education facilitators  

There are scores of overseas education facilitators who offer universities and institutions from different parts of the world; it is advisable to choose the best, one that has solid reputation and experience in the domain. Reference checks can come handy here

Now that you are well aware of the yardsticks for selecting the medical institutions abroad, take a well informed decision and prepare to become a globally certified doctor.

Santa Monica has been working closely with well established institutions with world class facilities in Philippines, Bulgaria and China offering internationally recognized, WHO & MCI approved medicine degrees in English medium   and can surely help you identify your best option.

The team at Santa Monica has personally visited the institutions and have assessed their facilities and interacted with students before facilitating admissions to their associated institutions. For more details, please seek the advice of our experts in choosing the right destination for your medicine studies.  For more info contact us on 0484-4140999

*Kindly note that all foreign medical graduates wishing to pursue their medicine practice in India should mandatorily  clear the MCI clearance test.


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