Relaxed work, residence rules- Europe all slated to become the most potent study abroad destination


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Europe has been attracting students from all over the world; the main reasons being the plethora of cost effective study programs offered by prestigious institutions of the region.  If these two were crucial factors that made students take a beeline for institutions of this region, with the European Union directive that eases work, residence rules for non EU students the number of students choosing Europe as a high value study destination is going to increase exponentially

What the directive means to an International student

  •  Brings uniformity in work and residence rules

The European Union in its efforts towards making its member countries International student friendly  has come in with this  uniform regulation pertaining to part-time jobs and  stay back for Non EU students and researchers. If one thought these developments would take years to materialize think twice.  A visa directive brought out this month mandates all EU member states within 2 years to allow non-EU students and researchers to work for a minimum of 15 hours a week while studying and to allow stay back period of nine months post-graduation to look for work or start their own business this is music to the ears of thousands of students who are optimistic about carving out a future in the conducive environment of Europe.

  • Allows family members to accompany and also work

The good news doesn’t end here; students pursuing research programs in EU countries would be allowed to bring in their family members who also would have the right to work.  This to a large extends takes the financial pressure off a student and would help family members earn to support the scholar during the course of his/her research stint.

  • Unhindered mobility across Europe

The directive also would do away with the tiresome process of obtaining visa to move from one EU country to another. This is a step that is being welcomed across the board as it will greatly benefit students who move to neighboring European countries for further studies or in search of better employment avenues.

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