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7 reasons to choose Australia as your study abroad destination



Every year thousands of students from across the globe with a penchant for pursuing world class studies abroad at top universities/ institutions of the world, board flights to Australia. No surprise as it comes third in the list of best study abroad destinations, behind USA and UK. Australian universities and colleges offer an array of courses ranging from undergraduate to postgraduate studies in diverse streams in Engineering / IT , Management /business, tourism, hospitality and more. But what is it all that makes Australia figure as one of the hot study destination let us get to the root.

  •  A welcoming country

Australia is one of the most open and multicultural countries of the world that   accommodates people of different ethnic, religious and language backgrounds. Australians are known to be warm and friendly and are seen to be more than happy to help out international students.  With a decent hold on the accent, it may not be surprising if you make a few Aussie friends just in a matter of days.

  • High on Quality and reputation

Australian education system is known for setting highest benchmarks in all areas of education and training. Their education standards are highly rated by employers and academics worldwide. Australian colleges and universities consistently rank highly for quality of education, student satisfaction and employment prospects.

  • Relatively less expensive

Though Australia boasts of a world class lifestyle and state of the art infrastructure Australia is far less expensive than UK or that matter U.S.A whether  be it in terms of the costs of tuition  fees,  cost of living or  food  however  this  might vary from city to city and depend on one’s life style.

  • Attractive Scholarships offered

Towards attracting rich pool of talented international students from all over the world Both Australian institutions and Government are offering a wide range of Scholarships across all fields of study that cover a student’s tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses and more. The sheer number of Scholarships offered is a testimony to the intent of the Australian government and institutions to promote Australia as a prime study abroad destination.

  • Abundant research avenues

Australian universities and colleges offer excellent research opportunities for undergraduate and post graduate students. These institutions maintain outstanding research facilities which can be put to most effective use to undertake path breaking research projects a reason why Australian institutions are highly preferred by research minded students.

  • Excellent career prospects

Australian educated international graduates are known to earn higher average salaries when compared to others.  Australia also offers international students with excellent part-time job avenues towards building valuable work experience that comes handy in getting that coveted first job.  Owing to the strong fundamentals of the Australian economy and the relatively low population a qualified candidate can land a job without much difficulty.

  • Step towards gaining permanent residency (PR)

Though studying in Australia in itself does not offer one any privilege while applying for Permanent residency, on account of   persistent demand for foreign workers, students who have earned a degree in Australia can apply for special work visa categories like (487) Regional Sponsored Visa, (887) Skilled Regional Residence Visa, (885) Skilled Independent Residence Visa, (886) Skilled Sponsor Resident Visa which all can lead to permanent residency for an International student

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