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Despite the current world wide economic slump economists are still optimistic about (BRICS) countries especially India emerging as a world super power in the coming century. Gone are the days when a country’s status was fully based on its strategic location, natural resources, economic and military power.  Human resources with high qualifications and skills on par with International standards are now the bench mark in determining whether a country is a real power or not.

Under these circumstances, education, especially foreign education has gained great prominence. As against the earlier convictions of our older generation which prided in providing wealth to their offspring, today’s parents consider  giving the best education for their children  towards ensuring a  prosperous and successful life  for them, which has led to the steady increase  in the number of parents exploring overseas  study options  for their  children. They are willing to spend lakhs   without even considering their financial restrictions as they firmly believe education thus gained would be one’s permanent and most important possession which would open up new vistas towards career growth and prosperity. They also feel that this would open up avenues for their children to settle in an affluent country and build a successful life for themselves

Gone are the days when education was just considered as a means to make one wise. The world has become a global market thanks to the growth of information technology and the globalization of economies which has led to nations competing with each other to become predominant players. Internationally acclaimed study programs coupled with innovative teaching methodologies have appealed  to many a Indians to look for overseas studies as the first option as the present generation with  high expectations from life   does not find much hope in Indian Universities and colleges  which are yet to achieve quality standards on par with international standards Their  outdated syllabuses and traditional courses  are  no match   to the futuristic courses offered abroad  Even the handful of prestigious Institutions in the country  unfortunately remain out of bound to even above average students owing to strict entrance exams  and reservation criteria’s.

It is a sad fact that a country  like India  that used to offer  quality education  to the world  in the  ancient times through its world famous universities  Nalanda and Takshila  is  at the bottom of ranking with regard to institutions  of  repute are concerned . It is but unfortunate, that an aspiring student has to depend on overseas avenues in his search for quality education, unless India raises its educational systems on par with International standards.   Till such time   the best option before Indian students and parents would be to choose  the best course in a country which they believe would offer the very best of education and post study  offer them great job opportunities  both abroad and back in their country.

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