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 The Admission and Visa procedures vary based on the entry criteria laid down by the Institution/country. Applications can be differentiated into 2 types – paper-based and online applications.  In general certified copies of following documents are called for.


  • Academic records right from Class 10th to the last completed study including mark sheets and certificates
  • Transcripts
  • English language test scores (IELTS/PTE/TOEFL, etc.)
  • Registration Certificates (Nurses and other professionals)
  • Academic references
  • Employment references
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) or Statement of Explanation (SOE)
  • Updated CV along with the applications.
  • Passport

student visa

Once the student obtains the offer letter from the university /institution, they proceed to make the tuition fee payments directly to them via wire transfer/credit card, etc. as per the requirements of the institution.  Upon payment of fees, the students then proceed on to lodge their visa application. For certain countries like New Zealand and Singapore, the students can pay their tuition fees once their visa has been approved.  The visa applications are available in the immigration websites of each country along the checklist of documents that have to be submitted. The document requirements may vary case by case and hence it is imperative that students seek the assistance of an experienced consultant who can advise them accordingly.

Nonrefundable Visa fees are also applicable while submitting the visa application, which varies from country to country and the information is available on the respective immigration websites of each country.  If the student wishes to resubmit his/her visa application, appropriate nonrefundable visa fees are still applicable irrespective of the outcome of the application.

Immigration officials in some countries also conduct interviews to ensure that the student has genuine intention of studying.

It is imperative to lodge correct and complete documents along with the visa application along with proper guidance to face interviews.  It would always be desirable to seek the services of an expert consultant for guidance on lodging and obtaining visa correctly and timely as visa rejections may sometimes lead to adverse consequences and may bar the student from proceeding abroad.  It is always advisable to seek the expert guidance from education consultants like Santa Monica to be guided through the process properly for the applications to be processed timely and accurately to avoid visa rejections or missing out on relevant documentation.


 In addition to all documents submitted during offer mentioned herewith

 Visa application form/Questionnaire Form

  • Provider’s offer letter
  • Police clearance Certificates
  • Medical fitness certificates
  • Financial documents to prove availability of funds to support the study and living expenses such as bank statements, loan letters from the bank,
  • Proof of transfer of funds to the prescribed banks by the Immigration for countries such as New Zealand, Canada, Germany, etc.,
  • In case of sponsor, Affidavit of financial support,

Admission/ Visa tips and techniques:

Interviews have become an integral part of admission and visa procedures.  Various institutions and immigration authorities interview the candidates to gauge their intention, their motivation, their language proficiency, etc. for studying abroad.  It is always advisable to seek the guidance of experts in tackling the tight spots in your interview sessions which include mannerisms, tips and tricks in effectively facing your interviewer.  The team at Santa Monica is equipped to guide the students through this process smoothly and ensure the students are prepared to counter the interview sessions.

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