Study in Singapore – the premier education hub of Asia


Singapore is the premier education hub of Asia where tradition and modernity tastefully unite offering students a truly global educational experience.Singapore education is based on a broad base curriculum and global perspective that equips them to excel in the competitive job market.


  • Obtain a recognized international degree without having to travel to a western country.
  • A safe city with low crime rate and a stable political institution.
  • Proximity to India Singapore is only a few hours apart by air.
  • Multilingual country that provides a conducive environment for students to study
  • Enjoy high standards of living, healthcare and education
  • Singapore is a thriving arts and cultural scene
  • Excellent job opportunities due the presence of many multinational companies in Singapore.
  • Freedom to work in the country after obtaining a degree
  • A convenient destination to travel from/to India
  • Low unemployment rate
  • IELTS  not required


When a candidate submits the Visa application form along with relevant supporting documents to the service provider, details are uploaded online in Singapore Immigration web site, which in turn is processed by the authorities.  Relevant applications forms are Form No.16 (1&2) and 36(V) (1&2).

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Supporting documents:

  1. Bank statement showing minimum balance of 30000 SD
  2. Birth Certificate or Undertaking
  3. TT Receipt for payment of application fee to the College where admission is sought
  4. Experience certificates / references, if any
  5. Letter showing media of language of study
  6. The processing fee is 3 SD to be paid to Singapore Immigration & Check Point Authority (ICA).

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Cost of studies varies depending on the institution, course and period of study chosen by you.   A diploma course lasting for 6 months to 2 years can cost you 5000 to 20000 SD whereas degree courses which last for two to four years will cost 24000 to 55000 SD, and for Master’s degree of one/two years you will need to spend between 18500 to 30000 SD.


Normally 500 to 700 SD will be enough for shared accommodation and food.  However, this can vary depending upon the lifestyle you chose.


Cost of accommodation in Singapore for international students is comparatively low.  Generally students can get accommodation in the University’s Halls of Residence where preference is given to those who enroll for the first time.  Though private hostels and home stays are available, most of them are located far from the city.  Those who wish to go for rented house can refer the classified advertisements in local newspapers

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