Adaptation program for Doctors in Austria

Portrait of a Female Indian doctor holding a digital tablet.

Are you a Doctor aiming a thriving medical career with high growth trajectory and exposure in the European Union? If the answer is yes then a Doctor’s adaptation program, jointly offered in Austria with the cooperation and partnership with Austrian Hospitals and language schools is the perfect one for you. The 2 year adaptation program  includes up to 600 hours of theoretical classes and 300 + hours of practical training at Austrian and EU hospitals and clinics as per Austrian Medical system. These include Medical Terminology, Medical ethics, Austrian medical laws related to treatment, Patient care, and specific Medical program review courses along with German language classes.

Initially one would start with the German language foundation course and then proceed to hospital visit which include observatory ship & limited practical training. Once the official state Nostrification (validation) document  are received from the concerned Austrian authority, one will  intimated  about  courses that needs to completed to  further  proceed with the medical part of the theory classes and remaining part of the practical.

Upon completion of the program and passing the required exam, the qualification awarded is Doctor of Medicine – Austrian/European qualification, making one eligible to apply and obtain entry level or junior Doctor Position; and can start their medical specialization process in their chosen field at Austrian hospitals/clinics and other health care organization, based on their qualification.


  • Gain a coveted Austrian /European Doctor of medicine qualification
  • Program offered in cooperation and partnership with Austrian Hospitals and language schools
  • 600 hours of medical theory classes  &  300+ hours of practical training at Austrian and EU hospitals and clinics
  • Options to pursue wide range of surgical and therapeutical  specialization(without tuition fee)while working as  a junior Doctor
  • Excellent job avenues  for junior  Doctors available at Austrian /German hospitals/clinics and health care organizations with entry level  pay of 4000 to 5500 Euro per month

Doctor’s adaptations programs in Austria are offered throughout the year with new batches starting every month.  Need more information on Adaptation program for Doctors? Visit your nearest office of Santa Monica Study Abroad  or reach us on 9961443399.

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